APR & Program Measures

Annual Performance Reports (APR)

You will report your annual progress of your project objectives and program measures in this APR, also known as “continuation package”. In February, OSEP will send the continuation package and you will then have 90 days to submit. You will provide a draft copy of your Program measures in mid-April and your APR will be due toward the beginning of May. A final report will also be due within 90 days after the last day of your performance period.

  • APRs due May 3rd 

APR Overview for 2024
APR Webinar Recording
Slide presentation
Dear Colleague Letter
SPDG Theory of Action

Program Measures for SPDGs

These 4 measures are reported to congress through the Grant Performance Results Act. They are reported on your APR and analyzed through an external review.

Program Measure 1: Evidence Based Professional Development

Guidance for Measure 1 (PDF)

Program Measure 2:  Improving Implementation

Guidance for Measure 2 (DOC)

Program Measure 3: Ongoing Technical Assistance

Guidance for Measure 3 (DOC)

Program Measure 4: Student Outcomes

Guidance for Measure 4 (DOC)

Webinars and Tools

Rubric B (DOC)

APR Fillable Form (PDF)
This form can be used by projects to review their Program/GPRA measures to ensure they have all the necessary elements.

Program Measure Changes Webinar (May 5, 2020)
Slide presentation   Event Recording
This webinar describes the changes that were in place for the 2020 SPDG cohort (FY 2020). All other SPDG projects will continue to respond to the same GPRA measures

For FY 2015, 2016, and 2017 Grantees:

For FY 2020 and Newer Grantees:
Revised EB-PD Worksheet
Side-by-side comparison of revised and previous EB-PD components.

Revised EB-PD Rubric


Idaho Exemplar

Exemplar APR
The Maine SPDG began in 2021. They have two initiatives, one focused on PBIS and one focused on math. This report is an exemplar of a SPDG project at its initial implementation stage.

APR Exemplar Draft from a New 2020 Project 
Idaho’s draft measures for their new FY2020 project will provide a sense of how to put together Program and Project measures.

Exemplar Continuation Report

South Dakota describes their data collection tools and processes in their Evaluation Manual. They are very thoughtful about including critical elements of family engagement in their evaluation plan.

Exemplar Final Report
Alabama Exemplar Final Report


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