New to SPDG?

Orientation Video

You can request a mentor or just take a look at this handy dandy guidance.  If you have a need that is not met, please share it with your Project Officer. If there is something missing from SIGnetwork that would benefit projects, please let us know:

Events: Click Events, Events Calendar to view upcoming Communities of Practice, Webinars, and more. Events are typically conducted over Zoom, and links are shared via Microsoft Outlook. After an event, any resources, recordings, etc, will be shared on the event page.

SPDG Grantees: Click here to find a map and list of all current SPDG grantees and their abstracts.

Resources: The State Professional Development Grantees are implementing a variety of initiatives. In an effort to assist projects we’ve complied a library of relevant tools and resources, developed by the grantees or TA&D agencies, on the topics listed below. We will update the resources on a regular basis to include those tools showcased in our professional development events and PLC sessions.

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Accessing Engage OSEP

Why Engage OSEP?

Engage OSEP allows you to quickly share resources with fellow SPDG grantees. Follow the steps below to set up an account, then join a group to get started.

  1. Visit the OSEP website
  2. Click ‘Create Account’
  3. Account may take a few days to validate.

Joining a Collaborative Group

SIGnetwork has Work Groups that co-create resources and collaborate on specific problems. Current Work Groups are:

  • Team Functioning
  • Communications
  • Modules
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Children with Significant Needs
  • States with Small Populations
  • Serving Native American Students

To join a Work Group, contact

Connecting with a Mentor

SIGnetwork connects new members to experienced SPDG grantees for guidance. If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee, contact

Completing Your APR

APR and Reporting Measures can be found here.

OSEP Resources

Download the OSEP Resources document here