Directors' Webinar: January 2021

Virtual Coaching and Support for Adults and Youth

Many of the practices used to support others in-person, work just as well virtually; some work even better.

Adults and youth benefit from brief, high-frequency positive contact. This session will address using Virtual Coaching to get the best out of adults, and Virtual Check-In, Check-Out, to give our best to youth at-risk.

Directors' Webinar: February 2021

Program Measures and the APR

Bethan Langlois will describe the OTISS virtual professional development modules in Oklahoma.

Kimberly St. Martin will discuss “Intensifying Literacy Instruction: Essential Practices.”

Jennifer Coffey will describe how to respond to the program measures, as well as changes for new grantees and future grants. She will also share highlights from SIGNetwork’s year and what is coming in 2021.

Discussion Group: Post-Pandemic Accelerated Learning

We will discuss SPDGs’ plans to support accelerated learning in the wake of the pandemic. CCSSO’s Restart and Recovery Framework will provide a basis for our conversation.

  • What role can your SPDG play in your State’s restart and recovery?
  • Can your project be leveraged to support improved family engagement?
  • Which of the practices you support might be useful on a larger scale to accelerate learning?
  • How can the SPDG assist with assessment that determines the needs of “returning” children?