Directors' Webinar: August 2021

Knowing the Need: Using Varied Inclusion Criteria Data to Identify Districts to Target for Support, Chimaobi Amutah.

Across the nation, students with disabilities are struggling to keep pace with the learning and growth of their general education peers. How do you identify where there is the most need among a population that, by definition, warrants specialized educational supports in each district? In this presentation, Dr. Chimaobi Amutah of the New Jersey Department of Education will demonstrate how New Jersey has dashboarded extant data to inform department decisions around targeted district support.

Using Data to Locate and Engage Historically Underserved Students with Disabilities, Tom Delaney

Tom Delaney will describe Minnesota’s experiences with using state data sets to identify educational statistics of concern, geographical location, and planning for implementation impact at scale for historically underserved students with disabilities. This presentation will focus on Minnesota’s efforts to engage with American Indian students with disabilities and improve graduation rates for those students.

Chimaobi Amutah, Tom Delaney
Jennifer Coffey
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