Directors' Webinar: March 2021

Using Micro-Credentials & Online Management Tools

How high-quality micro-credentials and the online collaboration platform, Learning Designed, are being used to support effective implementation in schools, districts, regions, and states across the country.

Micro-credentials (MCs) are a rapidly expanding element of modern teacher professional learning. In this brief, we provide a concise review of what is currently known about MCs: how they work, their strengths, their shortcomings, and what we still need to learn. For districts and states that are considering introducing MCs, this brief is designed to ground implementation efforts in emerging best practices. This brief is intended for both educators and researchers to improve and support teacher professional learning. The document includes a forward- looking research agenda focused on the MC practices that are most likely to result in positive outcomes for teachers and students.

The COACHED Program & High Leverage Practices—COACHED is a new PD platform that includes an instructional strategies observation tool, automatically generated feedback templates, and multimedia vignettes for on-demand PD.

James Basham, Univerity of Kansas Steve Nordmark, Director, UDL Credential and Certification Initiative Michael Kennedy, University of Virginia
Jennifer Coffey
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