The thing about templates is … well, there are many things about templates. Such as:

  • There are thousands upon thousands of templates available, for free or for purchase. The vast majority will not really suit your needs.
  • The reason things don’t look all that good when made by the programs you know best, like the MS Office suite, is because they’re not design programs. Designers don’t use them much — certainly not for design — so they don’t make templates for them either.
  • The best template in the world won’t look good if you don’t have (or use) the right fonts with it, and you probably don’t have them.

All that said, of your standard MS Office programs, anything design-y, like a poster or one-pager, should be done in PowerPoint. MS Word is terrific for letters and memos, but utterly horrible for designing anything at all. If you want to put something in the header or drop in a couple photos around some text, great. It can handle that much. But PowerPoint can, at least, give you some more control and better tools.