2022 Alabama

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Grantee Name
Alabama State Department of Education
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Alabama State Department of Education
Project Director
Celeste Minor
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In response to a request for proposals from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education, the Alabama State Department of Education Special Education Services (ALSDE-SES) is submitting a proposal to provide professional learning on reading as applied to a Multitiered System of Supports (MTSS) in AL-MTSS schools, improve the reading achievement of students in grades 4-8, and expand transition services for toddlers and elementary, middle, and high school students. The proposed work is a collaboration with the ALSDE Division of Support Services (AL-MTSS), the Part C program at the Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), the Alabama Parent Education Center (APEC), and Auburn University.


SPDG funding is designed to support professional learning to improve results for students with disabilities. Specifically, proposed SPDG professional learning activities are designed to improve instruction and supports for students with disabilities so they will be prepared for each level of education. The two AL SPDG goals are:

Goal 1: To increase reading achievement results for students with disabilities in grades 4-8 through professional learning on implementing MTSS supports to teachers and leaders in selected AL-MTSS cohort districts and schools.

Goal 2: To improve Part C to Part B, elementary, middle school, and high school transition outcomes for toddlers and students with disabilities through training, coaching, and resources for early intervention providers, teachers, administrators, and families of students with disabilities.

For Goal 1, the SPDG will partner with AL-MTSS to provide training, coaching, and supports for educators around the application of reading in an MTSS framework. Three cohorts of at least five districts will be selected over the five-year period to achieve Goal 1 outcomes through intensive reading supports for students in the middle grades. For Goal 2, the SPDG will offer professional learning to improve transitions from each education level. In addition to the collaborative partnership with the Part C program and the University of Alabama to work with families of infants and toddlers with disabilities, the goal will also address early secondary transition planning at the elementary level. Three cohorts of at least nine middle and high schools will be selected to improve transition programming within their schools.

For all initiatives, data analysis and reporting will inform and improve services. Expected outcomes include:

  • Greater collaboration among partners and families supporting instruction and transition services for students with disabilities.
  • Improved capacity among teachers to provide high-quality reading instruction.
  • Greater implementation of reading supports for students using an MTSS framework.
  • Increased reading achievement for students with disabilities in grades 4-8.
  • Enhanced Part C supports for families to better prepare them for Part C to B transitions.
  • Improved capacity among teachers and leaders to implement secondary transition services.
  • Higher participation rates among students with disabilities in their IEP meetings.
  • Improved post-school outcomes for students with disabilities in cohort districts.

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