2022 Georgia

PR Award #
Grantee Name
Georgia Department of Education
Project Title
2022 GA SPDG
Project Director
Karen Suddeth
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To expand and sustain the implementation of an MTSS framework, improve reading outcomes of students in grades 3-8, and increase the retention of special education teachers. Expected outcomes include: (1) enhanced capacity of state, and district MTSS leadership teams; (2) aligned and integrated MTSS-related initiatives at the state, regional, district, and school levels; (3) improved reading outcomes of students in grades 3-8; (4) increased retention of induction special education teachers; (5) greater integration of MTSS into the syllabi and coursework in Georgia’s IHE Education Preparation Programs;  and (6) increased parent engagement and awareness of MTSS and SDI.


These goals will be achieved by implementing and evaluating a system of sustained training, coaching, and supports on MTSS implementation, SDI, and teacher retention strategies. Goal 1 supports the development, implementation, and sustaining of the infrastructure necessary to implement Goals 2 and 3. A cohort model of districts and schools (Goal 2) and teachers (Goal 3) will support implementation and scale-up activities, providing two years of intensive support, before implementing a gradual release. Formative and summative data will be collected, analyzed, and shared to inform and improve implementation efforts, while providing the necessary accountability to ensure project outcomes are met

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