Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

Inclusive MTSS Implementation Scale (IMIS): Technical Specifications & Instructions

This document outlines the purpose and uses of the Inclusive MTSS Implementation Scale (IMIS). It includes validity and reliability evidences and the items incorporated into each domain of the survey. 

The Inclusive MTSS Implementation Scale (IMIS) is an online tool that surveys instructional staff and administrators and is designed measure a school's implementation of key MTSS components in the areas of reading, math, behavior/social-emotional learning, and empowering culture. 

District Communication Plan & Process for Addressing Barriers

The District Implementation Team (DIT) is an essential component of the district’s
implementation infrastructure that assists in the selection and successful use of
effective innovations. To ensure effective innovations are used with fidelity, scaled-up
across the district, and sustained, communication to and from the DIT must occur on a
regular basis. Supporting the use of effective innovations also means the DIT needs to
know about the barriers schools and staff face when working to use the effective