2022 Pennsylvania

PR Award #
Grantee Name
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Project Title
Success for PA Early Learners (SPEL)
Project Director
Laura Bray
Project Director Email


The Pennsylvania Department of Education is partnering with the Office of Child Development and Early Learning to ensure the success of EVERY student, including economically disadvantaged early learners at-risk for or identified with a delay/disability. Research indicates that services embedded with family-guided coaching improves outcomes for infants/toddlers in Early Intervention programs. Research also demonstrates that implementing evidence-based practices with elementary students displaying attendance, behavior, or academic needs improves outcomes. The proposed grant, Success for PA Early Learners (SPEL), will provide intensive professional development/coaching to ensure that early learners receive evidence-based practices to improve outcomes in literacy, and school and family engagement.


Employing evidence-based adult learning practices, Success for PA Early Learners (SPEL) will build the capacity of Early Intervention and school teams, and families to address the needs of economically disadvantaged early learners at-risk for or identified with delays/disabilities. The Pennsylvania Department of Education will manage SPEL with support from Early Intervention Technical Assistance (EITA, IDEA Part-C training entity) and the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN, IDEA Part-B training entity). Our leadership team will work with our external evaluator to analyze, reflect on, and respond to data on literacy, family and school engagement, and continuity of transition services and supports.

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