2021 Colorado

PR Award #
Grantee Name
Colorado Department of Education
Project Title
Student Learning Division
Project Director
Kristen Brown
Project Director Email


The project purpose is to increase academic and behavioral outcomes for students, particularly students with disabilities. The project outcomes are: 1) increase schools’ Colorado Multi-tiered System of Supports (COMTSS) capacity through an integrated, tiered system of evidence-based supports in instruction, intervention, and assessment, 2) increase districts’ capacity by training in COMTSS components to use resources and enhance sustainability, 3) increase regional COMTSS capacity to leverage partnerships to increase delivery of supports, 4) provide educators professional development choice with evidence-based online modules and, 5) increase state COMTSS capacity by aligning strategic priorities to increase access to differentiated resources and supports.


The project utilizes implementation science to create a system that provides a stage based, cascading teaming structure that incorporates academic and behavioral supports. The goals, objectives, and activities are driven by a theory of action, articulated logic model, and detailed five-year management plan. The evaluation plan tracks effectiveness of goals and strategies, relies on performance measures, provides performance feedback, and ensures assessment of progress is used. The project measures district, region, and state capacity. School and classroom fidelity measures will support building leadership to ensure teachers’ instructional practices are being implemented with fidelity to achieve the identified project student outcomes.

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