2019 SPDG National Meeting

2019 SPDG Group photo

The SPDG National Meeting brought 150 people together from 33 States. OSEP personnel met with their States and learned about their various efforts. The theme was Systems Alignment and SEAs worked diligently to move their efforts forward.  This picture shows Georgia’s team, which includes a person responsible for SPDG communications and family engagement (critical work!).


October 17-18, 2019

FHI360 Conference Center, Washington, DC

Conference Objectives

  • Increase knowledge and skills related to: Systems and Initiative Alignment
  • Increase knowledge of and ability to use new tools
  • Build a stronger program network


Event recordings
Note: the longer recordings are quite large, so downloads may be slower than normal.

Day 1, Part 1
                9:00 – 9:20         Conference Overview and Introduction to Alignment Discussion 
                                                 Event recording

Day 1, Part 2
                10:30 – 12:00     Getting Strategic about Systems Alignment:
                                                 An Improvement Stance to Changing Results
                                                 Rorie Fitzpatrick, NCSI 
                                                 Event recording

Day 1, Part 3
                1:30 – 1:45          Welcome back, project video, and preview of afternoon breakout sessions
                                                 Event recording

Day 2, Part 1
                8:30 – 8:50         Welcome from Larry Wexler and Overview of Day’s Agenda 
                                                 Event recording

Day 2, Part 2
                11:40 – 12:00     What does this mean for our work?
                                                 Event recording


Meeting Information Booklet

Meeting Resources

  • Dr. Atul Gawande, Cowboys and Pit-crews
  • Robert H. Horner, et alResource Leveraging to Achieve Large-Scale Implementation of Effective Educational Practices

    We propose in this article that a central element in the large-scale implementation of evidence-based practices is the process by which initial investment in local demonstrations is leveraged into larger implementation efforts. We offer a definition of this “resource leveraging” and propose a process for both measuring and reporting the effects of leveraging. We suggest that resource leveraging become a valid focus of future research and that the intentional measurement, planning, and management of resource leveraging be used to improve the scaling-up of effective practices.

Keynote Presentation

Rorie Fitzpatrick, NCSI
Getting Strategic about Systems Alignment: An Improvement Stance to Changing Results
Systems Alignment Worksheet