Integrated MTSS frameworks: Supporting students’ social, emotional, behavioral, & academic growth

This session answers four key questions about I-MTSS:

  1. Why consider Integrated Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (I-MTSS)?
  2. What is I-MTSS?
  3. How do we adjust I-MTSS for the current context?
  4. Where do I learn more?


A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) offers an alternative approach to family engagement. A tiered approach to family engagement helps teachers and administrators adapt to the contexts, needs, and preferences of every family in the school so that ALL families are engaged in their children’s education. In this session, Georgia’s MTSS Communications and Family Engagement Specialist Carole Carr discusses the importance of helping families understand their role within the framework and how uplifting student voices strengthens engagement and improves student success.


Purpose: Participants learn from each other about strategies that respond to a changing context. Participants learn of appropriate uses of the root cause analysis and how to link the analysis to action.

Learning Targets: (1) Participants are able to name at least 3 strategies to respond to a changing implementation landscape. (2) Participants are able to name one resource and one strategy for using root cause analysis to plan.