Building Partnerships and Shared Leadership

Creating Collaborative Action Teams: Working Together for Student Success

The Collaborative Action Team process is a set of concepts, activities, and resources that individuals, school districts and other organizations can use to develop a partnership between home, school, community, and students at the local level. These teams identify pressing issues in the school community and take action to address those issues with the purpose of promoting student success.

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools is a strategy to promote social inclusion, providing students, educators and families with the tools, skills and dispositions to create schools of acceptance and positive school climate. Evidence and evaluation shows that SOUCS  is a contributing factor to student success, and positive academic and social emotional outcomes. This session will explore how the impact can extend to family wellbeing.


Minority Parent and Community Engagement: Best Practices and Policy Recommendations for Closing the Gaps in Student Achievement. MALDEF

National Education Association. (2010). Minority parent and community engagement: Best practices and policy recommendations for closing the gaps in student achievement. Washington, DC: National Education Association of the United States Office of Minority Community Outreach.