GPRA Presentation

Jennifer Coffey presented the results of the most recent Program Measure/GPRA review.  As a reminder our contractor, CIPP, reviews projects’ program measures if they are in year 2 or later in their project implementation.

Jennifer shared the overall SPDG Program results. Your Project Officer will share your individual results.

Work Group: SEL

Purpose: Begin exploring the topic of collaboration and alignment for MTSS-SEL.

Learning Targets: (1) Ability to describe why SEL is necessary for academic achievement. (2) Ability to name the key skills SEL will provide students. (2) Understand the reason for and use of the Initiative Inventory.

Directors' Webinar: February 2022

Unified Champion Schools

Speakers: Andrea Cahn, Jennifer Cartland

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools is a strategy to promote social inclusion, providing students, educators and families with the tools, skills and dispositions to create schools of acceptance and positive school climate. Evidence and evaluation shows that SOUCS  is a contributing factor to student success, and positive academic and social emotional outcomes. This session will explore how the impact can extend to family wellbeing.


Work Group: Modules

This group will support each other in building a playbook on creating and implementing modules that increase participants’ targeted knowledge and skills.

By January 2023 this working group will create a module that supports SPDGs in developing and implementing effective technology-based professional learning.

Other Resources


A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) offers an alternative approach to family engagement. A tiered approach to family engagement helps teachers and administrators adapt to the contexts, needs, and preferences of every family in the school so that ALL families are engaged in their children’s education. In this session, Georgia’s MTSS Communications and Family Engagement Specialist Carole Carr discusses the importance of helping families understand their role within the framework and how uplifting student voices strengthens engagement and improves student success.

Work Group: Serving Native American Students

  • Identify an equity challenge in your work. What do available satellite and map data tell you (or not tell you) about the challenge? What street data do you need?
  • Which of the street data strategies could you try out in the next two weeks? Make a short plan of who, when, why, and how you’ll do this.
  • What might get in the way of you collecting street data and how will you stay the course?