2023 Kentucky

PR Award #
Grantee Name
Kentucky Department of Education
Project Title
Kentucky Educators Maximizing Postsecondary Outcomes for Workforce and Education Results for Students (KY EMPOWERS)
Project Director
Gretta Hylton
Project Director Email


Kentucky Educators Maximizing Postsecondary Outcomes for Workforce and Education Results for Students (Kentucky EMPOWERS) seeks to increase the quality of transition programming throughout Kentucky school districts in the areas of student skills, career development, collaborative systems, policy and Individual Education Program (IEP) development by implementing a tiered model of professional learning. This program model will have three levels of professional learning including universal supports, targeted coaching through a cohort model and a community of practice. 


The program model will include three levels of professional learning: Level 1, universal support; Level 2, a cohort model with blended asynchronous and synchronous activities; and Level 3, membership within a community of practice. Program co-directors will oversee the development and implementation of Level 1 universal support and Level 2 training activities. Coaching support for participants in Levels 2 and 3 will be provided by coaching and training specialists. Evaluation activities include the collection of formative and summative data (quantitative and qualitative) to assess the impact of professional learning on the capacity of participants to build capacity and gain implementation fidelity in the five Kentucky EMPOWERS focus areas. 

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