2022 Kansas

PR Award #
Grantee Name
Kansas State Department of Education
Project Title
School Mental Health Professional Development
Project Director
Kerry Haag
Project Director Email


The 2022–2027 Kansas SPDG will capitalize on momentum from the 2017–2022 SPDG by scaling up implementation of a tiered system of trauma-informed school mental health practices. In collaboration with District–Community Leadership Teams, Building–Community Leadership Teams, family liaisons, infant/toddler specialists, and state-level councils, this SPDG will: 1) Apply neuroscience practices that promote resilience: Educators, infant/toddler specialists, children, families, and other caregivers will build personal capacity for neuroscience practices and integrate them across environments; 2) Develop and implement trauma-responsive support plans: Cross-system teams, including children and families will personalize interventions, monitor progress, and adapt supports across environments.


The SPDG will be situated within the technical assistance network of the KSDE and directed by the KSDE Assistant Director of Special Education. State trainers will provide ongoing professional development in neuroscience practices that lead to child outcomes including increased self-regulation and engagement; improved student voice and teacher–student relationships; decreased bullying, anxiety, and depression; improved attendance and academic achievement; and for students participating in interventions, improvement on personalized mental health objectives. The evaluation, following a comprehensive logic model, will promote continuous improvements by analyzing and facilitating data-based decisions regarding inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

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