SPDG Directors Webinar

Stacy Riccio (AZ) and the Illinois SPDG shared their work.


· Stacy shared how Arizona has brought clarity to their mission, vision, and values (collective commitments).  She believes that understanding who we are as a team and as individuals in the work can impact student success. 


In April, Amanda March joined us (recordingslides & resources) to consider the values underlying our SPDG projects and how their efforts can reflect and be strengthened by those values. AAmanda March, describes it, “Our power comes from rising daily and aligning our actions with our core values. Our result is a purposeful and meaningful impact.” Stacy Riccio (AZ), one of our May Directors’ Webinar Presenters, connected with Amanda’s message and shared how you can anchor your work, provide clarity and focus, and develop coherence for your professional learning system.


During Stacy’s presentation, discussed this article and share the following: 

Anchor - Adult actions impact student outcomes with our three questions. 

  • Clarity and focus – Examples of leadership that provides clarity and focus and how this is demonstrated leading coaches by defining coaching, team systems, and data systems. She will also describe the coaches' role in a system for sustainable implementation (Coherence).
  • Coherence - tools and resources created to support clarity and coherence in coaches’ work. 

To learn more about Arizona’ professional learning system:

Increase achievement for all students! The Arizona Professional Learning Series (AZPLS) provides schools/districts with a comprehensive self-paced website, including tools and resources to engage staff, students, and parents in professional learning leading to systems change and increased literacy achievement for all students. The progressive modules provide a step-by-step process for collaborative and inclusionary practices in all content areas.

Here are a few extra resources if you want to dive a little deeper:


· The Illinois SPDG team continued sharing their fidelity journey with us. Specifically, they’ll share their fidelity findings, so far, and how they’re using fidelity data to inform coaching

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