Directors' Webinar: February 2019

Part 1. The Elusive Butterfly; Job Embedded Coaching
This presentation will address the aspects of a job embedded coaching model that was implemented in three large random control trials in reading and is currently being used in a Mathematics Model-Demonstration project. Presenters will discuss the aspects of the coaching model such as establishing positive relationships, the tenets of job embedded coaching, recording and analyzing teaching behaviors, and providing constructive feedback.

APR Conversation

The purpose of this webinar will be: (1) to discuss the contents of the Dear Colleague letter included in your APR package, (2) highlight areas that have challenged APR writers in the past, (3) share where you can find resources and exemplars, (4) and answer your questions.

Directors' Webinar: April 2019

1) Michigan SPDG Lessons Learned.
The Michigan Department of Education has been working to support implementation, systainability, and scale-up of an integrated reading and behavior MTSS model since 2003. Over the history of this initiative, on-going learning has contributed to improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, and durability. This presentation will highlight key lessons learned and describe how others might benefit from this work.

Directors' Webinar: May 2019

1.  Leveraging state and local strategies to ensure every student succeeds under ESSA
Teri Marx (AIR) will be discussing how to leverage state and local strategies to ensure every student succeeds under ESSA.

2. The Cognitive Coaching Model
Kate Martin (Director TN SPDG) will be describing the Cognitive Coaching model, how it is used in the TN SPDG, and elements of the model that can be used to improve collaborative efforts.

Directors' Webinar: August 2019

1) How ESSA Title IIA funds are used by States, Elizabeth Witt, US DOE

Elizabeth Witt serves as an Education Program Specialist in the Office Elementary and Secondary Education’s Office of School Support and Accountability (SSA).

2) How the NH SPDG base family engagement efforts on the Dual Capacity Framework, Kimm Phillips, NH SPDG

Kimm Phillips is the Director of Family Engagement at The Parent Information Center (New Hampshire’s Parent Training and Information Center).