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Grant/Contract #   H323A120015
Program Name      State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition         State Personnel Development Grants
Title                     Focus on Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
Project Director(s)       Krantz, Linda

Purpose: This project will provide professional development on Professional Learning Community (PLC) formation, functioning, and outcomes. PLCs will be used to have a strong, positive, and sustainable impact on the academic achievement of students, including those with disabilities.

Method: Activities of this project include: (a) providing professional development on PLC formation, functioning and outcomes; (b) collaborating with various early childhood stakeholder work groups; (b) training parents on translating school data and in making data driven decisions with the intent that parents can support and engage in the work of the PLCs; (c) tracking student growth to demonstrate the impact of PLC functioning on student achievement; and (d) partnering with institutions of higher education to share impact data, training modules, parent information, and general information.