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Grant/Contract #   H323A120022
Program Name      State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition         State Personnel Development Grants
Title                     Utah State Personnel Development Grant
Project Director(s)       Oswald, Lowell

Purpose: This project will develop an infrastructure for implementing the Utah Multi-Tiered System of Supports (UMTSS) at the state and local education agency levels by creating models of successful implementation that can be scaled up across the state. The overall aim is to ensure that all students benefit from effective instruction and intervention.

Method: Activities of this project include: (a) addressing the instructional needs of students with disabilities (mild/moderate), grades K-12, in general education classrooms in schools (rural, suburban, and urban) throughout the state ; (b) providing personnel development support to participating districts (which includes both hybrid face-to-face and virtual trainings); (c) establishing linkages and partnerships with other appropriate agencies to ensure that a diversity of perspectives from all partners and constituents will be brought to bear on project operations; (d) increasing school level capacity for UMTSS implementation through improved team data-based problem solving and best practices; (e) improving teacher performance in the classroom; and (f) increasing family support for UMTSS implementation and sustainability.