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2017 South Dakota

PR Award #: H323A170015
Name: South Dakota Department of Education
Project Title: South Dakota (SD) Cohesive Model for Literacy Support
City, State: Pierre, SD
Project Director: Rebecca Cain
Project Director email:


The goal of the South Dakota State Personnel Development Grant (SD SPDG) is to develop a systematic, cohesive, collaborative, and sustainable evidence-based literacy model, that uses data and engages families, and can be implemented with any district needing support for struggling readers, especially students with specific learning disabilities (SLD). The expected outcome of the proposal is to develop and align the professional learning and development (PLD) system that provides special education and general educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide access and instruction to students with SLD such that their proficiency in literacy increases.


Project activities begin with PLD on data-driven decision making, as well as increasing literacy information understanding for families of students with disabilities, especially students with SLD. Early activities emphasize leadership team building at the State and local levels. PLD continues with evidence-based literacy practices, leadership development, and instructional literacy coaching. PLD is ongoing with years 3-5 building toward sustainability. PLD is for kindergarten through grade 5 (K-5) general and special educators, including administrators, and families. Quantitative and qualitative measures will be used for the evaluation and will measure fidelity of implementation, teacher and family knowledge and skills, and student outcomes.