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SIGnetwork Events Quicklist

DateTopicKeywordsGroupPresentersDescriptionEvent Link
9/2/21 Reading Tiered Fidelity Inventory (R-TFI) and Collaborative Analysis of MTSSR-TFI, MTSS, collaborative analysisDirectors' webinarAnna Harms
Kristen Brown
R-TFI data and state-level data systems; the PBISApps API for the SWPBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory. Denver University analysis of MTSS models.9-2-2021 Directors' Webinar
8/5/21Data analysis and visualizationData analysis, visualizationDirectors' webinarChimaobi Amutah
Tom Delaney
How to identify the greatestneed among a the special ed population; NJ DOE Dashboard examples. Using state data sets in MN to identify educational statistics of concern.8-5-2021 Directors' Webinar
6/03/21Effective Training and Post-Covid Family EngagementTraining, Family Engagement, CovidDirectors' webinarAmy Gaumer Erickson
Patti Noonan
Kimberly Breen
Sustain and expand family partnerships through MTSS with implementation science for schoolwide HQPD in SEL.06-03-2021 Directors' Webinar
5/10/21Post-Pandemic Accelerated LearningPost-pandemic learningSPDG webinarJennifer CoffeyPlanning to support accelerated learning in the wake of the pandemic using CCSSO's Restart and Recovery Framework.May SPDG Webinar
5/6/21Parent Participatory Evaluation in
Minneapolis; Evaluation and Planning in South Dakota
Evaluation; PlanningDirectors' webinarMinneapolis: Maren Henderson; Amanda Dionne;
South Dakota: Amy Lance; Susan Wagner; Brandi Gerry
Evaluation work in Minneapolis Public
Schools and in the South Dakota SPDG
May Directors'
4/8/21Transforming teaching through
curriculum-based professional learning
Curriculum-based Professional Development;
Directors' webinarJim Short, Carnegie Foundation;
Stephanie Hirsh, Consultant, Learning Forward
Integrating MTSS for teacher engagement and student outcomes. Assess state- and district-readiness to address
April Directors'
3/4/21Using Micro-Credentials & Online
Management Tools;
The COACHED Program & High Leverage Practices
Micro-Credentials, CoachingDirectors' webinarJames Basham, Univerity of Kansas;
Steve Nordmark, Director, UDL Credential and Certification Initiative;
Michael Kennedy, University of Virginia
Using Micro-Credentials & Online
Management Tools;
The COACHED Program & High Leverage Practices
March Directors'
2/4/21Program Measures and the APRAPR, Program MeasuresDirectors' webinarBethan Langlois, Oklahoma SPDG;
Kimberly St. Martin, Michigan MTSS Ctr;
Jennifer Coffey, OSEP
The OTISS virtual PD modules in Oklahoma. Intensifying Literacy Instruction.
Responses to the program measures, plus changes for new grantees and future grants.
February Directors'
1/7/21Virtual Coaching and Support for Adults and
Coaching, Effective CoachingDirectors' webinarKimberli Breen, National Behavior Change
Agent affiliated with KOI Education
Virtual Coaching and Support for Adults and
January Directors'
12/3/20Building a Collaborative Culture Focused on
Total School Improvement through the MTSS Framework
Inclusive Leadership; MTSS; Total School ImprovementDirectors' webinarChris Bennett, Principal, Burns Middle School;
Gina Gold, MTSS Coordinator;
Melissa Lawter, School psychologist
Cleveland County Schools
Burns Middle School's work in building a learning-centered, results-driven, collaborative culture within the MTSS framework.December Directors'
12/1/20Improving Performance ReportingPerformance reportingEvaluators' WebinarShauna Harps;
Brad Keller
Shauna Harps & Brad Keller, GPRA
evaluators, will describe how SPDG projects can improve their program measure
Evaluators' Webinar
11/5/20Designing Professional Development in a Remote Learning
Professional Development; Remote LearningDirectors' webinarPatricia Hilliard & Laura Albrecht, NCSUDesigning Professional Development in a
Remote Learning Environment
November Directors'
10/1/20Professional Development in CO; and
GPRA Results
Professional Development; GPRADirectors' webinarKristen Brown, CO SPDG Director;
Jennifer Coffey, OSEP
Colorado identifies PD challenges, how PD providers can meet those challenges, and how best to share PD offerings usefully. The latest SPDG Government Performance Results
Act (GPRA).
October Directors'
9/3/20True Access for Children with DisabilitiesAccess, Special Ed, Placement, OutcomesDirectors' webinarBrooke Harris Garad, Research Scholar,
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community;
W. Patrick Lumbley (Pat), Proud Principal of James Russell Lowell School 51,
“We Are the Edges”: Universal Design for Learning in an
Urban District
Directors' Webinar
8/6/20Virtual Data Collection During the PandemicData collection, PandemicDirectors' webinarLeslie Fox, OSEP;
Teri Marx and Tessie Rose Bailey, (NCII)
Considerations for how to collect data that could benefit SPDG projects and State Systemic
Improvement Plans. Tips, tricks, and resources for supporting schools’ data collection in virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face situations.
August Directors' Webinar
7/21/202020 Virtual Program Area MeetingProgram AreasProgram Area MeetingMiscellaneous2020 Virtual Program Area MeetingProgram Area Meeting
6/4/20PD and Coaching in KS;
Stepping Up Implementations in NC
Professional Development, Distance Learning, Stepping Up
Directors' webinarKerry Haag, KS;
Cherie Blanchat, KS;
Amy Gaumer Erickson, KS;
Lori Geist, NC
Karen Suddeth & Andrea Catalano, Georgia DoE;
Mari Strand Cary, CTL, University of Oregon
The School Mental Health Professional Development and
Coaching System in Kansas;
North Carolina's Project Core & Tar Heel Shared Reader
June Directors' Webinar
5/7/20Distance learning supports for PD;
Math interventions
Professional Development, Distance Learning, Math
Directors' webinarSydnee Seager, MTSS, Utah State Ed Board;
Karen Suddeth & Andrea Catalano, Georgia DoE;
Mari Strand Cary, CTL, University of Oregon
Utah's PD to LEAs to ensure learning equity through
distance learning
The ways Georgia has been Transferring Professional Learning to a Virtual
A Stepping Up project in Oregon devoted to learning math online
May Directors' Webinar
4/2/20Rural Outreach in Iowa;
Increasing SPDG Sustainability in Michigan
Rural Outreach, SustainabilityDirectors' webinarKaren Thompson, Iowa Ask Resource Center;
Kim St. Martin, Michigan SPDG
Iowa: Reaching Rural Families, Districts, and Schools;
Michigan: Structuring SPDGs to Increase Sustainability
April Directors' Webinar
3/12/20Florida MTSS EffortsMTSSDirectors' webinarAmanda March, Univ South Florida;
Peg Sullivan, Florida SPDG
Florida’s MTSS Efforts and Its System Coach SurveyMarch Directors' Webinar
2/13/20APR DiscussionAPR, Implementation Teams, SustainabilityDirectors' webinarJennifer Coffey, OSEPAPR discussion, including intervention fidelity,
implementation teams, and sustainability plans.
February Directors'
1/9/20Aligning with Statewide Initiatives and
Federal Programs
Alignment, Aligning Initiatives, Leveraging
Federal Programs
Directors' webinarLynne Holdheide, CEEDAR CenterHow Federal dollars can be leverated for Systemic
January Directors' Webinar
12/5/19Using Technology for TrainingModules, Online LearningDirectors' webinarMelissa Nantais, MIBLSI;
Naomi Tyler & Tanya Collins, Vanderbilt University;
Melissa Hannasch, Lori Henshold, & Brett Nelson, Illinois MTSS
Integrating High Quality Modules into your learning
December Directors' Webinar
11/7/19Systems Alignment ConversationSystems Alignment, State SharingDirectors' webinarRorie Fitzpatrick (NCSI)At the National SPDG meeting, we saw
impressive accomplishments from State teams in their systems alignment
planning. Today’s facilitated discussion is the next step in our ongoing
conversation around systems alignment related to your plans, action steps,
and any questions about how to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.
November Directors' Webinar
11/1/19What You Can Do to Improve Your Program Measure Submissions.Program MeasuresImproving Program Measure SubmissionsShauna Harps and Brad KellerWhat You Can Do to Improve Your Program Measure Submission
Shauna Harps and Brad Keller, who evaluate SPDG APR Program Measures, describe best practices is writing and describing your measures. Please come prepared with questions about your APR.
Improving Submissions
10/17/19Systems Alignment ConversationSystems Alignment9th Annual SPDG National MeetingKeynote: Rorie Fitzpatrick (NCSI)Cowboys and Pit-Crews: A Deeper Look at What
it Takes to Align Systems and Get Results
2019 SPDG National Meeting
9/5/19Reflections on How To Enhance Adult LearningAdult Learning, Adult Learning PrinciplesDirectors' webinarCarol Trivette
Professor Early Childhood
Dept of Teaching & Learning
East Tennessee State University
Dr. Trivette taps in to “How People Learn
II” as well as her own research to describe best practices in engaging and
impacting the skills of adult learners.
September Directors' Webinar
8/8/191) How ESSA Title IIA funds are used by
2) How the NH SPDG base family engagement efforts on the Dual Capacity
ESSA, Title II, Family EngagementDirectors' webinar1) 1) Elizabeth Witt, US DOE
2) Kimm Phillips, NH SPD
1) Introduction to Title II A: Purpose;
Funds distribution; SEA/LEA Title II A fund usage
2) New Hampshire SPDG Family Engagement Strategies at the Parent Information
August Directors' Webinar
7/11/191) Shifting the SEA Infrastructure in
2) Family Engagement & SPDG in South Dakota
Systems Alignment, ESSA, State Sharing,
Family Engagement
Directors' webinar1) Gail Anderson, Melissa Kahn, WI Dept Public Instruction
2) Carla Miller, SD SPDG
1) Changing SEA Infrastructure to support
districts and schools in Wisconsin;
2) Family Engagement with the SPDG in South Dakota
July Directors' Webinar
6/6/191) The GTL Mentoring and Induction
2) Integrating Resources to Support School System Planning
Mentoring, induction, Systems Alignment,
ESSA, State Sharing
Directors' webinar1) Lisa Lachlan-Haché, Ed.D., Lindsey Hayes, & Amy
Colpo; American Institutes for Research
2) Stacey Moorehead, LA SPDG
1) The GTL Mentoring and Induction Toolkit
2.0: A Focus on Equity and Evidence-Based Practices;
2) Integrating Resources to Support School System Planning
June Directors' Webinar
5/9/191) Leveraging strategies for student success
under ESSA
2) Cognitive Coaching Model
ESSA, Systems Alignment, Cognitive CoachingDirectors' webinar1) Teri Marx, AIR
2) Kate Martin, Director, TN SPDG
1) How to leverage state and local
strategies to ensure every student succeeds under ESSA.
2) How the Cognitive Coaching mode is
used in the TN SPDG, and elements of the model that can be used to improve
collaborative efforts.
May Directors' Webinar
4/4/191) Michigan SPDG Lessons
2) Creating a Data Dashboard
Data Dashboard, State Lessons LearnedDirectors' webinar1) Steve Goodman, Michigan SPDG
2) Marty Park, Kentucky SPDG
1) Michigan SPDG Lessons
2) Creating a Data Dashboard
April Directors' Webinar
3/6/19SPDG Annual Performance
Report Webinar
IES, Research on Professional Development,
Coaching, Fidelity, Data
Directors' webinarWai-Ying Chow, Education Research Analyst, National Center
for Education Research, IES, USDOE

Shelly Menendez, Senior Research Associate, Measurement Incorporated
1) State of the field; Professional
2) Iowa SPDG Spotlight
March Directors'
2/13/19SPDG Annual Performance
Report Webinar
State Lessons LearnedSPDG webinarJennifer Coffey, OSEP

Caryn Ward, National Implementation Rese
Guidelines for completing the SPDG APRSPGD APR Info
Regional Infrastructure
MTSS, District Teams, State Lessons Learned,
Family Engagement, PTI Partnership
Directors' webinarJoseph Dimino & Robin Schumacher, Instructional
Research Group

Caryn Ward, National Implementation Rese
Part 1. The Elusive Butterfly: Job Embedded

Part 2. Regional infrastructure to support scaling and sustainability of
evidence based practices.
February Directors'
1/3/19Ohio: Professional Development
Kansas: MTSS & Beyond
Idaho: Lessons learned
Coaching, Effective CoachingDirectors' webinarOhio
Beth Hess, Literacy Specialist
Ashley Hall, Project Dir & SSIP Eval Lead
Earl Focht, SPDG Coordinator

Kansas SPDG:
Kerry Haag, Director Linda Wilkerson,
MTSS & Alignment Co-Director Amy Gaumer Erickson, Evaluation Team Lead.

Idaho SPDG:
Alayna Gee,Director 2015-2018.
1) Ohio’s use of regional education service agencies for
professional development.
2) Kansas SPDG; MTSS and Beyond the SPDG.
3) Incorporating lessons learned into Idaho’s APR.
January Directors'
12/6/18Georgia SPDG Lessons Learned & GPRA
Data Dashboard, SSIP-SPDG AlignmentDirectors' webinarLaura Brown, GA SPDG
Lynn Holland, GA DOE
Jennifer Coffey, OSEP
Directors' Webinar
11/1/18MTSS, Lessons learned from school and
district-community level teams

Arkansas SPDG and PTI Partnership
Family Engagement, Early ChildhoodDirectors' webinarDr. Joni Splett
Tiah Frazier
Shelby Knight
Denise Jones Ennett
Dr. Jennifer Coffey
Lessons learned from school and district-community level teams. Past, present, and future of the Arkansas SPDG & PTI partnership.November
Directors' Webinar
10/10/18Family EngagementFamily Engagement8th Annual SPDG National Conference Linda Karges-Bone, Education InsiteFamily Engagment2018 SPDG National Meeting
9/6/18CoachingFamily Engagement, Partnership with PTIDirectors' webinarMichelle Massar, Ph.DCoaching process and role in supporting implementationSeptember
Directors' Webinar
7/5/18Using Dashboards + Vermont SSIP-SPDG's AlignmentSkill-based Training, Family EngagementDirectors' webinarCarol Quirk

Tonya Rutkowski
Sharing Information Using Dashboards

Vermont SSIP-SPDG Alignment
July Directors'
6/7/18Arizona SPDG's Family Engagement + New Hampshire SPDG's
iSocial initiative focused on improving social-emotional outcomes of infants,
toddlers and young children with disabilities
Fidelity, Math InterventionDirectors' webinarAZ-Tracey Sridharan, Stacy Riccio, Chris Tiffany;

NH-Ruth Littlefield and Christina MacDonald
Arizona SPDG systems change and partnership with Parent Training and
Information Center, Raising Special Kids. New Hampshire SPDG overviews iSocial
and use of implementation science, effective teaming, feedback loops, and training
June Directors'
5/3/18Georgia SPDG Family
APRDirectors' webinarLaura Brown, Project Director, GA SPDG
Lynn Holland, Program Manager, GA DoE
Stephanie Moss, COO Parent to Parent of Georgia & Project Director for
the Region 3 PTAC
Anne Ladd, Family Engagement Specialist, GA DoE
Tracy Barber, Coach, Southwest Georgia Circles of Adults Focusing on Education
By collaborating with internal and external
stakeholders, Georgia has created a rich network of support for families.
This session focuses on the layered and multi-faceted nature of family
engagement in Georgia’s SPDG.
May Directors'
4/5/181) Assessing skills during trainings. 2) PA
SPDG and family engagement
Literacy, National TADirectors' webinarPart 1. Dale Cusumano
Part 2. Shatarupa Podder
Part 1. Dale Cusumano, NIRN, Assessing skills during trainings.

Part 2. Shatarupa Podder, PA SPDG and family engagement

April 5, 2018 Directors' Webinar
3/1/181) Spring Math.
2) Fidelity related to EnvisionIT college and career readiness curriculum
Math, FidelityDirectors' webinar1) Amanda VanDerHeyden will share Spring Math

2) Andrew Buck will share aspects of fidelity related to EnvisionIT college and career readiness curriculum
Spring Math, an accurate and efficient assessment gateway. The EnvisionIT Curriculum: an evidenced-based, standards-aligned, college and career readiness courseMarch 2018 Directors' Webinar
2/13/18 Annual Performance Report PackageAPR2018 APR ConversationJennifer CoffeyThe purpose of this webinar is to (1) to
discuss the contents of the Dear Colleague letter included in your APR
package, (2) highlight areas that have challenged APR writers in
the past, (3) share where you can find resources and exemplars, and (4) answer
your questions.
2018 APR Conversation
2/1/18National Center on Improving Literacy (NCIL)Literacy, National TADirectors' webinarSarah Sayko, Deputy Director,, National
Center on Improving Literacy
NCIL is a federally funded national
comprehensive center established by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in
the fall of 2016. It is jointly administered by the Office of Special
Education Programs (OSEP) and the Office of Elementary and Secondary
Education (OESE) at the U.S. Department of Education.
February Directors' Webinar
1/4/18Family EngagementFamily EngagementDirectors' webinarRose Quintero, PACER
Loraine Jensen, MN Department of Education
Resources and tools at PACER Center for culturally and linguistically familiesJanuary Directors' Webinar
12/7/17Implementation Science in MNImplementation ScienceDirectors' webinarTom Delaney, Minnesota SPDG Director
Ellen Nacik, State Implementation Specialist
Application of implementation science in Minnesota’s State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) and State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)12-07-2017 Directors' Webinar
11/2/17GPRA Results OverviewGPRADirectors' webinarJennifer CoffeyDiscussion of the SPDG GPRA results11-02-2017 Directors' Webinar
10/5/172017 SPDG National MeetingNational meetingNational meetingNational meeting
9/6/17NIRN’s Implementation Specialist Competencies;

Co-Teaching Classroom Observations as a SPDG Fidelity Measure
NIRN, Implementation specialist, co-teaching, fidelity measures, classroom observation; Directors' webinarCaryn Sabourin Ward
Allison Metz
Laura Louison

Amy Gaumer Erickson
Shonda Anderson
Kerry Haag
1. NIRN’s Implementation Specialist Competencies
2. Co-Teaching Classroom Observations Conducted as a SPDG Fidelity Measure
9-6-2017 Directors' Webinar
7/6/171. What Works Clearinghouse

2. MN SPDG's School and Family Connection Project

3. Alabama SPDG's Coaching Model
coaching, family connectionDirectors' webinarJonathon Jacobson, What Works Clearinghouse

2. Tom Delaney and Loraine Jensen, MN SPDG's School and Family Connection Project

3. Susan Williamson, Alabama SPDG's Coaching Model
MN SPDG’s School and Family Connection Project. AL SPDG Coaching Model. What Works Clearinghouse: goals, activities, and various WWC products and resources7-6-2017 Directors' Webinar
6/1/171. Oklahoma Literacy Initiative
2. National Center to Improve Literacy for Students with Disabilities
3. National Center for Special Education Research and IES resources
literacy, special education, IESDirectors' webinarChrista Knight, Oklahoma State Department of Education

2. Hank Fien, National Center on Improving Literacy

3. Sarah Brasiel, National Center for Special Education Research
1. Oklahoma Literacy Initiative
2. National Center to Improve Literacy for Students with Disabilities
3. National Center for Special Education Research and IES resources
6-1-2017 Directors' Webinar
5/4/17Family engagementFamily engagementDirectors' webinarCarmen Sánchez
Kimm Phillips
1) Federally funded PTI and CPRC centers

2) NH Parent Information Center, Dual-Capacity Framework
5-4-2017 Directors' Webinar
4/5/171. VT SPDG's Monthly Newsletter
2. CO SPDG's MTSS Teaming Strategies
3. RI SPDG and Leveraging Online Learning
MTSS, communication, online learning, teamingDirectors' webinarMeg Procella, VT SPDG
Scott Russ, CO SPDG
Shannon Dowd-Eagle, Lindsay Scarpaci, RI SPDG
Implementing a monthly newsletter in Vermont as a means of communication; the Colorado MTSS project's teaming structure; 
leveraging online learning to support implementation in Rhode Island4-5-2017 Directors' webinar
3/2/171. Communicating with SEAs & Districts

2. Marketing Basics with GraduateFIRST

3. New Teacher Center e-Mentoring and the KS SPDG

4. The MD SPDG Professional Development System
professional development, e-mentoring, marketing, communicationsDirectors' webinarLaura Brown
Marc Dembowski
Julie Wilson
Marilyn Muirhead
Marketing Basics with GraduateFIRST in Georgia; E-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) in Kansas; the MD SPDG PD system3-2-2017 Directors' Webinar
2/28/17Bidders' webinar 3/3SPDG applicationBidders' webinarJennifer CoffeyInformation about submitting the 2017 SPDG application2-28-2017 Bidders' webinar
2/27/17Bidders' webinar 2/3SPDG applicationBidders' webinarJennifer CoffeyInformation about submitting the 2017 SPDG application2-27-2017 Bidders' webinar
2/22/17Annual Performance ReportAPRDirectors' webinarJennifer CoffeyGrant Performance Report for Continuation Funding2-22-2017 Directors' webinar
2/17/17Bidders' webinar 1/3SPDG applicationBidders' webinarJennifer CoffeyInformation about submitting the 2017 SPDG application2-17-2017 Bidders' webinar
2/2/171. SSIP/SPDG Alignment.
2. Data & Help with Offers of Technical Assistance to States.
SSIP, data, technical assistanceDirectors' WebinarSusan Hayes
Brent Garrett
David Merves
Bill Huennekens
Betsy Street
eviews the State’s needs and goals versus Federal guidance/requirements. Specifically, the coordinated roles that state SPDG and SSIP teams play with TA&D centers.
2. This session discuses using data for project communication
2-2-2017 Directors' webinar
1/5/171. STS Selection and hiring process

2. Overview of the SWIFT Center
STS, SWIFTDirectors' webinarCaryn Ward
Michael McSheehan
Best practices in selection and hiring, lessons learned; the Schoolside Integrated Framework for Transformation Centers (SWIFT)1-5-2017 Directors' webinar