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Rhode Island

Grant/Contract #   H323A120005
Program Name      State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition         State Personnel Development Grants
Title                     Rhode Island State Personnel Development Grant
Project Director(s)       Antosh, Anthony         Sienko, J. David

Purpose: This project will assist school districts and schools to develop effective multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) to enhance the academic and behavioral outcomes of students and provide safe school climates. The overall goal is that participating schools will have a comprehensive continuum of supports for students with and without disabilities that is integrated for both behavioral and academic needs.

Method: Activities of this project include: (a) improving outcomes for students with or at-risk for disabilities; (b) delivering high-quality evidence-based professional development to support attainment of competencies; (c) increasing implementation of evidence-based practices over time; (d) improving the efficiency of professional development; (e) increasing the percentage of pre-service programs that incorporate MTSS content; and (f) partnering with school districts, parents, community members, and students with and without disabilities.