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Oregon Abstract

2011 Oregon State Personnel Development Grant Abstract

Grant/Contract #  H323A110002

Program Name       State Personnel Development Grants Program

Competition           State Personnel Development Grants

Title                      Next Steps: Oregon's Plan to Improve Personnel Development

                             by Scaling for Content, Depth and Breadth

Project Director

Nancy Latini

Telephone 503-947-5702

Fax 503-378-5156

Beginning Date   10/1/2011

Ending Date        9/30/2016

This project will use previous work in developing implementation knowledge to expand the state's personnel development and improvement activities into a cohesive and responsive system that touches four areas simultaneously: infrastructure, depth, breadth, and licensure. Specifically, scaling principles will be applied to deepen the successful provision of personnel development systems throughout the state.


Activities of this project include: (a) providing professional development on the Common Core Standards and developing an infrastructure to support this professional development; (b) providing professional development to schools and districts so that they may go deeper in the implementation of behavior and academic evidence-based programs, in both rural and urban communities across Oregon; (c) providing evidence-based professional development techniques and creating and training teams to support district personnel as they use data-based decision-making; and (d) recruiting and funding Oregon educators in areas of special education most critically under-filled, specifically speech and language pathologists.