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PR Award #:  H323A160008
Name:  Oregon Department of Education
Project Title:  Oregon Coherent
City, State:  Salem, OR
Project Director:  Lisa Darnold
Project Director email:

The Oregon Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Project will build coherence, capacity, and sustainability of tiered systems of support in local education agencies by building upon the professional development and instructional coaching implemented through the 2011-16 State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG). The project will improve students' performance in academics and behavior through an increased number of high-quality coaches and expanded capacity of regional hubs and local educational agencies (LEAs) to support and sustain MTSS implementation. Through integrated supports, Oregon will have a statewide network of high- quality coaches and an increase in the number of districts implementing MTSS with fidelity. These components will increase student outcomes for students with disabilities.

The Oregon MTSS Project will implement a cohesive evidence-based professional development and coaching network to support 30 LEAS implementing MTSS for academics and behavior. The State training team will provide high-quality professional development, coaching, and mentoring to regional MTSS coaches. Regional coaches will provide on-site professional development on MTSS implementation to LEA leadership teams, school leadership teams, LEA internal coaches, and teachers who serve students with disabilities. Technology will enhance data use, professional development, and other activities. Fidelity of implementation at State, regional, and LEA levels, changes in adult behavior, and student outcomes will be evaluated.