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Grant/Contract #  H323A120002
Program Name     State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition         State Personnel Development Grants
Title                     Improving Instruction and Learning for Students with Disabilities and Other At-Risk Learners
Project Director(s)       Zake, A. Sue    

Purpose: This project will support a Comprehensive Capacity Building model to address the academic and behavioral needs of students with disabilities, and students at risk of being inappropriately identified as disabled, as part of a district-wide reform effort that fosters shared responsibility and accountability for the success of all students.

Method: Activities of this project include: (a) providing centralized training for cohort districts, delivered in conjunction with quadrant-level training, and in-district professional development on the use of evidence-based practices; (b) training peer coaches and providing opportunities for practice, feedback, and correction to support aligned team implementation of selected instructional practices; (c) building the capacity of regional consultants to support districts in the inclusion of all children; and (d) partnering with institutions of higher education, professional associations, parent/family organizations, and others to support scalability and sustainability of evidence-based practices.