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2016 North Carolina

Name: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
PR Award #: H323A150005
City, State: Raleigh, NC
Project Director: Paula. H. Crawford, Ed.D.
Project Director email:


The North Carolina State Improvement Project (NC SIP) will provide comprehensive, high-quality professional development focusing on effective leadership and effective instruction.  The project will build State-level capacity, enhance leadership skills in administrators, deliver research-based professional development on reading and mathematics instruction, align State and institutions of higher education instructional content, and improve family engagement at all levels of service delivery.  Through these initiatives, North Carolina seeks to close the educational gap between students with and students without disabilities and to improve both academic and graduation outcomes.


NC SIP will work with partners to ensure that special education teachers, general education teachers, and administrators receive comprehensive, high-quality professional development to meet the needs of students with disabilities.  NC SIP will:  (1) Build capacity at the State level to support professional development at the district and local levels; (2) Build effective leadership and organizational capacity at the district level; (3) Offer professional development and coaching to teachers and administrators on effective instruction; and (4) Integrate NC SIP professional development into pre-service and administrator courses at institutions of higher education.