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2021 New Jersey

PR Award #: H323A210011
Name: New Jersey Department of Education
Title: Jersey Tiered Systems of Support for Early Reading (NJTSS-ER)
City, State: Trenton, NJ
Project Director: Kim Buxenbaum
Project Director email:


This project will expand capacity to implement Jersey Tiered Systems of Support for Early Reading (NJTSS-ER) by (a) providing multi-level (universal, targeted, and intensive) technology-facilitated training, coaching, and technical assistance; (b) increasing the intensity of professional development with coaching in prioritized areas; (c) increasing guidance for addressing disparities in student performance; and (d) improving district leaders’ and local coaches’ utilization of approaches to maintain NJTSS-ER over time. The project will result in (a) increased support for NJTSS-ER at multiple levels; (b) increased fidelity of NJTSS-ER implementation; (c) and improved reading skills for students, especially those with disabilities and/or requiring intervention


Universal professional development (PD) will be provided to districts/schools statewide through an online platform; ongoing, targeted workshop-based training will be provided to registered personnel; and intensive training with regular coaching will be provided to districts previously receiving PD and 24 new intensive-support districts. A management-by-objective approach will be used with a process and outcome evaluation to examine progress toward and attainment of project outcomes pertaining to improved knowledge and self-efficacy among multiple stakeholders, fidelity of school/district implementation of NJTSS-ER, improved early reading outcomes for K-3, and reduced performance disparities for students with disabilities and from other subgroups.