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2017 New Hampshire

Grant/Contract #: H323A120003
Program Name: State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition: State Personnel Development Grants
Title: New Hampshire’s State Personnel Development Grant
Project Director(s): Steady, Mary


This project will increase the number of students with disabilities graduating from high school who are college and career ready, through the implementation of evidence-based transition practices. The overall goal is to expand New Hampshire from a compliance focus to a deeper, more comprehensive evidence-based approach to transition planning.


Activities of this project include: (a) increasing the use of Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) to improve student competency; (b) establishing a state-wide network of trainers to expand and sustain the scope of ELOs through professional development; (c) improving the degree and quality of family school engagement related to transition; and (d) collaborating with partner organizations to provide transition activities such as taking courses on university campuses, internships, work experiences, and career and technical programs.