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2021 Maryland

PR Award #: H323A210010
Name: Maryland State Department of Education
Title: Maryland State Department of Education Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services
City, State: Baltimore, MD
Project Director: Marcella Franczkowski
Project Director email:

The proposed application is intended to (1) demonstrate evidence based personnel preparation and professional learning strategies by university faculty, State technical assistance staff, and local instructional coaches; and (2) to demonstrate the delivery of evidence-based specially designed math instruction and social-emotional supports for elementary age students with disabilities by special and general educators. This plan aligns with Maryland’s State Systemic Improvement Plan and State-identified Measurable Result and with the actions described in Maryland’s Every Student Succeeds Act Consolidated Plan. It establishes sustainable and replicable practices that address school-wide structures for supporting the collaborative implementation of evidence-based instruction for elementary students with disabilities.

A design team composed of national experts, university faculty, and State partners, will lead the design of evidence-based practices; make recommendations for conducting professional learning through university courses, State-delivered technical assistance, and local professional learning and coaching activities; and with the State Implementation Team will develop fidelity assessments. The evaluation plan is iterative, with formative questions guiding the work of the SPDG over time. A summative evaluation will measure the extent to which objectives were met as well as the impact of the SPDG on the achievement of grade-level math content and social-emotional competence of students with disabilities.