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2021 Maryland

Grant/Contract #: H323A120010
Program Name: State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition: State Personnel Development Grants
Title: Maryland State Personnel Development Grant
Project Director(s): Franczkowkski, Marcella (Co-PI); Nunn, Jacqueline (Co-PI); Layland, Allison (PD)


This project will help educators use data to make decisions and support implementation of evidence-based practices to improve academic outcomes for students with disabilities in pre-K through grade six. The overall goal is to enhance technical assistance and increase parent involvement across Maryland.


Activities of this project include: (a) increasing the use of data-informed decision making and implementation science through State, district, and school leaders; (b) increasing the use of evidence-based practices in early and elementary math instruction; (c) increasing parent involvement in educational decision making and instruction; and (d) partnering with the Mid-south Regional Resource Center, Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Technology, regional parent organizations, and three diverse school districts with significant needs to carry out this work.