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PR Award #:  H323A160009
Name:  Louisiana Department of Education
Project Title:  State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)
City, State:  Baton Rouge, LA
Project Director:  Nancy Hicks
Project Director email:

The Louisiana State Personnel Development Grant (LaSPDG) intends to improve literacy outcomes for students with disabilities through the development of a systemic professional development framework using evidence-based practices:  (1) Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM); (2) Literacy Strategies; (3) Coaching; and (4) Family Partnerships at the district, school, teacher, and family levels. This project builds upon DDDM and Family Partnerships while adding Literacy Strategies and Coaching. The Louisiana Department of Education will partner with local educational agencies, Louisiana State University, and the Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center. The LaSPDG is aligned with the State Systemic Improvement Plan to increase proficiency rates for students with disabilities grades 3-5.

The systemic personnel development (PD) framework of DDDM, Literacy Strategies, Coaching, and Family Partnerships will be developed, implemented, and assessed using Implementation Science and Drivers. PD will be delivered to districts, schools, teachers, and support staff (ELA Grades 3-5) and families. The initial PD will occur each summer with on-going PD throughout the year with virtual support, online learning, coaching, and learning communities. Technology will increase the effectiveness of the PD delivery and data analysis. The evaluation plan will be formative and summative using program and project measures with evaluation tools such as district capacity, surveys, practice profiles, and activity reports.