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2017 Kentucky

Grant/Contract #: H323A120007
Program Name: State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition: State Personnel Development Grants
Title: Kentucky State Personnel Development Grant
Project Director(s): Scott, Terrance M.; Lingo, Amy S.; Collett, Johnny W.; Harrison, Beth


The goal of this project is to prepare all students with disabilities to reach proficiency and graduate from high school ready for college and careers through increased academic (reading and math) achievement and closing existing achievement gaps as a result of teacher professional development programs. A second goal is to work to increase communication capacity and transition opportunities for students with low-incidence disabilities.


Activities of this project include: (a) supporting the Education Recovery Leaders and Specialists working with priority schools and special education reading and math specialists; (b) supporting an existing co-teaching model through professional development; (c) enhancing the capacity of low-incidence and transition specialists to support the academic and communication professional development needs of low-incidence teachers, related service personnel, and families in their regions; (d) formalizing a transition to postsecondary model for students with Individualized Education Programs remaining in high school until the age of 21; (e) defining and measuring college and career readiness for students with low-incidence disabilities; and (f) sharing expertise and leadership across the Kentucky Department of Education and allocating staff resources to ensure more frequent communication to provide integrated planning and implementation of new practices.