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2017 Kansas

Grant/Contract #: H323A120021
Program Name: State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition: State Personnel Development Grants
Title: Kansas State Personnel Development Grant
Project Director(s): Haag, Kerry


The goal of this project is to facilitate effective learning support for students with disabilities by implementing statewide, evidence-based mentoring for early career special education teachers, effective co-teaching methods across districts, and expanded behavior support within multi-tier systems of support.


Activities of this project include: (a) supporting and sustaining professional development and coaching, with continuous feedback and improved implementation of competency, capacity, and leadership components; (b) creating self-correcting feedback loops used to continually improve the goal activities; (c) integrating effective processes for the identification of students’ behavior support needs and the implementation of evidence-based behavior support strategies; (d) recruiting, mentoring and supporting visually impaired and deaf teachers; and (e) providing online mentoring to all early career special education teachers.