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Implementation Science & Scaling Up

System-wide change will only happen if there are multiple drivers, multiple partnerships, multiple teams and many individuals working together in new ways to create a new culture.
–Alma Harris (2010)

SISEP Active Implementation Hub: Online Modules and Resources.
This is a free, online learning environment for use by any stakeholder involved in active implementation and scaling up of programs and innovations. The site goal is to increase the knowledge and improve the performance of persons engaged in actively implementing any program or practice.


Implementation Drivers
Implementation Stages
National Meeting Presentations, PLC, and Directors’ Webinars
Publications and Research Articles


Initiative Inventory
The SISEP Initiative Inventory can be used to guide your team’s review of past and current programs to get a clear picture of successful strategies, and challenges, along with existing mandates and resource commitments. The SISEP Initiative Inventory Process Tool is available to assist teams in developing a plan for completing the NIRN Initiative Inventory.
Note, the SISEP Initiative Inventory was previously named the District Inventory Initiative (adapted from Sugai, 2001). It has been revised to enable use by State, Regional and District teams.


Stages of Implementation Analysis: Where Are We? Planning ToolS
The Stages of Implementation Analysis planning tool will help the Implementation Team plan for and/or assess the use of stage-based activities to improve the success of implementation efforts for EBPs or evidence-informed innovations. The tool can be used to Self-Assess current stage related activities (e.g., “We are in the midst of Exploration”) or past efforts related to a stage (e.g., “We just completed most of Installation? “How did we do?” “What did we miss?”).


(please see Coaching Resource Page for more information)
SISEP Coaching Modules
SISEP Coaching Practice Profile

SISEP’s Coaching Service Delivery Plan Tool


Implementation Drivers
Implementation Drivers Tools (Posted 6.2015)
SISEP’s Assessing Infrastructure: Drivers Best Practices Assessment (DBPA)
Organizations can use the DBPA to: (a) Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in their current supports and resources; (b) Select and tailor implementation best practices to strengthen staff competency and organizational practices; and (c) Provide an implementation team with a structured process to develop an action plan and data to monitor progress.

SISEP’s Implementation Drivers: Action Plan
Action planning around the Implementation Drivers is a vital and ongoing responsibility of Implementation Teams. This planning tool is designed to help your teams in the action planning process.

SISEP’s Strategic Analysis of the Implementation Drivers Worksheet
This planning tool can be used by state, region, district or building level Implementation Teams to begin exploring the three Active Implementation Drivers: competency, organizational and leadership. The tool assists teams in determining the function of each Driver as well as identifying who is accountable for each and how each can be improved to better support implementation.


Implementation Stages

National Meeting Presentations
PLC and Directors’ Webinars
Publications and Research Articles
Active Implementation Frameworks for Program Success: How to Use Implementation Science to Improve Outcomes for Children (PDF, 2012, Metz, A. & Bartley, L., Zero to Three publication).

NIRN Associate Director Allison Metz and Implementation Specialist Leah Bartley have co-authored an article for Zero to Three, the journal of Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families. The article outlines how the science of implementation and the use of evidence-based Active Implementation Frameworks can close the research-to-practice gap in early childhood and ensure sustainable program success.