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2020 Idaho

PR Award #: H323A200002
Name: Idaho State Department of Education
Title: Cultivating Readers through Evidence-based Practices in Instruction and Coaching
City, State: Boise, ID
Project Director: Kailey Bunch-Woodson
Project Director email:


The purpose of the State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) project is to deliver evidence-based professional development (PD) to improve the delivery of reading instruction to students with disabilities in grades K-3. The SPDG project employs a design of PD with training, coaching, and follow-up supports, with a focus on increased ability of instructional staff to utilize explicit instruction when teaching reading to students with disabilities, increased capacity of instructional coaches to support implementation, and increased capacity of leadership to implement evidence-based practices. The overall goal of the Idaho SPDG is to improve reading proficiency for students with disabilities through the sustained implementation of explicit instruction when teaching reading to students with disabilities.


The Idaho SPDG will provide face-to-face and online training, onsite and virtual coaching, virtual collaboratives, and technical assistance to 212 instructional staff (special and general education teachers) to support the implementation of explicit instruction when teaching reading; and 55 instructional coaches to ensure their ability to lead and sustain improved instructional delivery at the teacher level. Additionally, over 100 family members of students in SPDG schools will be trained in leadership and at-home reading strategies. Evaluation of the project will include fidelity instruments, surveys, pre-post assessments of knowledge, satisfaction surveys, infrastructure and sustainability assessments, and student achievement data in reading.