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Evaluators’ Resources

Community of Practice: Evaluators

Preliminary webpage discussion recording (March 10, 2020)

SPDG Evaluators Mailing List

You can subscribe to the group’s mailing list through your account dashboard to post suggestions about resources that might be useful in the evaluation work, post questions, and in other ways reach out to other SPDG Evaluators.

Recent Evaluation Webinars & Resources

Evaluators’ discussion of Substitutes for Statewide Assessment Data (January 26, 2021) Event recording

What You Can Do to Improve Your Program Measure Submission (December 1, 2020).  Event Recording

Ad Hoc Evaluators’ Discussion of Pandemic Challenges (August 13, 2020) Event recording

Program Measure Changes Webinar  (May 5, 2020) Slide presentation | Event Recording

Websites & Resources