SPDG Directors' Webinar
April 2, 2020 Chat Transcript

Theresa Farmer: Greetings from Birmingham, AL.Theresa Farmer, AL SPDG Director

Hollie Filce: I love the resource that IL's DOE put out about Remote Learning. If anyone is here from IL, kudos to you!

Sydnee Seager: Hi Kim

Earl Focht: Hi Kim

Kim St. Martin: Hi Earl! I miss you so much!

Mike Abell-KY: Hello from KY SPDG

Peg S: Peg Sullivan, Director Florida

Earl Focht: Kim - I miss you as well!!

Jennifer Eklund-Smith: I missed what was said.... did you address incomplete data?

Sue Daker: Appreciate the comments (just joined so just heard the signature and the data comments). Were there others?

cherylhuffman: Just to clarify-Do you still need our responses to the SPDG Measures by April 15?

Peg S: Happy to know that you all will work with us. I anticipate not being allowed to submit without signed cover sheet.

Steve Goodman: Regarding data- I think we will be impacted with our next year’s annual report

Jennifer Eklund-Smith: What about having to adapt approach, because coaching may not be happening in the same way? We are switching to distance learning, and this has many opportunities and challenges.

Steve Goodman: Does this also impact our funds spend down requirement for this year?

Kerry Haag KSDE: It appears KS SPDG data may be impacted as well.

Sue Daker: That was in NOvember, 2019

spodder: I agree with Steve! Data for next year will be impacted as will draw down of funds

Jennifer.Coffey: http://www.signetwork.org/content_pages/359

Steve Goodman: Thank you!

vgriffo: Thanks Jennifer!

spodder: Thanks Jennifer for the clarifications!!

David.Emenheiser: 4 regions

Carlene Reid: Child find?

Teri Marx: child find!

Karen.Suddeth: baby forecasts

Sydnee Seager: Hi Teri

Carlene Reid: lol, thanks!

Teri Marx: Hi Syd!

Peg S: If we all mute our video it sometimes helps with unstable internet connections.

cherylhuffman: Access to interpreters for English Learner students on IEPs

Kerry Haag KSDE: Thank you!

Paula Crawford: Thank you!

vgriffo: Thanks!

regina: Thank you. Both engaging and informative!

jhammond: Thank you! This was great!

LFJensen: Thank you! A good resource that I like is material through the Heartland Leadership folks in Lincoln, NE. The booklet that created 20 Clues to Rural Community Survival is great!

Theresa Farmer: Thank you. I will share this session with our coaches who serve schools in rural communities.

Kerry Haag KSDE: Take care and stay safe everyone.

vgriffo: Would love articles, thanks! vgriffo@napacoe.org

Jennifer Eklund-Smith: administrator support

Donna Parker: Administrative support

pnoonan: Administrator support (turnover an issue)

Becky Fogle: admin support

Thom Jones - Wyoming: Administrator Support

cherylhuffman: Administrator Support, Effective Teams

Sue Daker: Consistent implementation approach at the district level

Tom Delaney (Minnesota): Administrator Support

David McKay: admin support

vgriffo: Administrator support

leestickle: Admin support

Mike Abell-KY: Adm support

Natalie Sokol: Admin support

jhammond: admin support

Hollie Filce: administrator support, Consistent implementation approach

Earl Focht: Access to coaching

Sydnee Seager: consistent implementation approach

Hollie Filce: coaching

regina: Admin and coaching

Teri Marx: I agree with Syd. :)

Jalee Pernol: consistent implementation

Paula Crawford: access to coaching and admin support

Tiah Frazier: coaching

Laura Brown, GA: Admin Support with active teams along with strong coaching

Theresa Farmer: Admin support, coaching, effective teams with Admin support

Mike Abell-KY: District implementation team selection is vital

Donna Parker: focusing more on the role of implementation teams

David McKay: Yes

cherylhuffman: Definitely-I am going to code our performance measures to sustainability factors—and share this with SPDG Leadership.

Jennifer.Coffey: Reviewing performance measures to consider where added supports could help.

vgriffo: Ways to establish effective team meetings. Any resources welcome.

Sydnee Seager: I like how you broke down the factors to work on, so it could be targeted

Theresa Farmer: Regular meetings with the district level team & superintendent.

Jennifer.Coffey: Vicki - I had shared about the Team Functioning Scale, the TiPs, and some of SISEP's tools. They're included in my PPT on the signetwork.org homepage.

Sue Daker: Appreciate these slides; it is something we've done when determining districts to partner with. We've included many of the "talking points / helpful resources" for implementation in a District Readiness Checklist. And, like Kim is mentioning, they have the option of "opting out." Again...appreciate this information all in one place.

David McKay: Helping them to understand the data burden and processes

regina: We have 3 days we call “Exploration and Installation” to get them going and make the decision if they want to “play” with us. Their application is complete at end, or they can say no thank you

cherylhuffman: We conduct an on-site visit with “finalist” where cover some of the areas you mention.

Theresa Farmer: Great slides and organization of the information. The pre-selection process is strong and well developed. Thanks.

Tom Delaney (Minnesota): Using a Give/Get Chart and well written Theory of Action, plus a Data Calendar listing types of data, purpose, and schedule for collection, reporting and consideration in decision making.

Len Hatfield: Kim's resources are here: http://www.signetwork.org/content_pages/361-directors-webinar-resources-thompson-and-st-martin

vgriffo: Great prez! Thanks Kim!

Sydnee Seager: Thank you Kim, this is very helpful!

Teri Marx: Thank you, Kim! Great information--as always. :)

Paula Crawford: thanks!

regina: So well organized and helpful.

David McKay: Fantastic. Thanks!

cherylhuffman: Len, will you be sending the Chat Box to us?

Len Hatfield: A transcript of the conversation will be on the above resource page along with a recording...

cherylhuffman: Thanks! Great information. Inspiring!

Jennifer Eklund-Smith: Thank you!

Peg S: Great ideas

jhammond: Thank you so much!

Hollie Filce: Thanks, great info!

Theresa Farmer: Thanks, Kim. Your presentations are always informative and helpful for our work.

Teri Marx: NCII tools around teaming

Teri Marx: Steve Goodman and I wrote a book chapter on teaming for the Essentials of Intensive Intervention book

Teri Marx: sure

Teri Marx: https://intensiveintervention.org/implementation-support/tools-support-intensive-intervention-data-meetings/p>

Earl Focht: Thanks Kim! Great presentation as always! You have a of knowledge wealth of knowledge! Hope to see you sometimes soon

jhammond: Thank you, stay healthy everyone!

Kim St. Martin: Bye everyone!!

Teri Marx: thank you!

Sydnee Seager: Thank you Jennifer

Tom Delaney (Minnesota): Adios!