MTSS Community of Practice Webinar
April 9, 2020 Chat Transcript

Caryn Ward: Hi everyone!

Caryn Ward: Il be helping monitor chat if anyone needs anything

Teri Marx: I think, that since we are in "crisis" mode, there is a need to re-establish core instruction first, before considering layering interventions

Teri Marx: Pam--the NCII sample lessons can be used to provide more explicit instruction in literacy and mathematics and could be used virtually

Tara Courchaine: Teri, are Utah’s MTSS modules publicly available?

Teri Marx: Yes, Tara

Teri Marx: they would just need to create an account

Jennifer Eklund-Smith: CCSSO has begun to collect resources here:

Tara Courchaine: Okay. Great

Kathy Bertsch: Kathy’s Slidedeck:

Teri Marx: Link is, but these are more for PD purposes.

Caryn Ward: Thanks Teri! Will make sure JC and Tara get these to share out with everyone

Teri Marx: NCII Literacy Sample Lessons:

Teri Marx: Math:

Caryn Ward: Thanks Teri. Added them to the list :)

jhammond: Thank you Teri, we are actively looking for math resources as well.

pamala.alfaro: Thanks for the resources Terri.

Teri Marx: Here is a link to some math-specific resources from Rhode Island's SSIP:

Caryn Ward: Thanks Teri! Got it

Melanie Sickinger: Who is usually part of this team planning? Is there a specific group and how often?

Melanie Sickinger: Thank you!

Caryn Ward: From Jennifer:

Vicki Griffo: Kathy, great framework! Thanks for sharing. Love the case study.

Teri Marx: Thanks! Have to hop off for another call.

selina: Thank you!

Steve Goodman: Thanks so much- Great information!

Sydnee Seager: Thank you

Annette Young, MT SSIP Implementation Specialist: Thank you!

Kathy Bertsch: Thank-you everyone! Be well out there!

Celeste Nameth: Thank you

regina: Thanks so much!

Laura Brown, GA: Thank you for such good information.

Stacy Riccio: Thank you for all the info and additional links with resources. Appreciate it!

Jennifer Eklund-Smith: Thank you

jhammond: Thank you so much!