Janice Creneti to Everyone (12:39 PM) Agreed Vicki, it is time consuming, especially initially. Vicki Griffo to Everyone (12:39 PM) A link on their website to other videos: https://literacyworldwide.org/get-resources/standards/standards-2017
Jennifer Coffey https://www.neisd.net/cms/lib/TX02215002/Centricity/Domain/7376/A%20Principals%20Guide%20to%20Supporting%20Instructional%20Coaching%20Educational%20Leadership.pdf
Jennifer Coffey How does your SPDG showcase the impact of coaching?
Jennifer Coffey https://blog.teachboost.com/showcasing-the-impact-of-instructional-coaching?utm_campaign=Blog&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=110320981&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-91suSrjdfnsUUfvGeIN9fAMzXNwHfqJ0uzrbZftsL4H_3iXXPq179zPLEgHRPKzLql5tfAL7G83TL6kBtNxrBzhYhHTQ&utm_content=11032098
Lucinda Kelley We try to showcase by doing a spotlight on a best practice and by offering continued PD and support in districts for capacity coaching.
Kimberlee Oakes We have a Community of Practice for our Coaches where they meet and share information.
Sue D. Our SPDG evaluator has done a SPDG Spotlight focused on the effect of coaching on teacher implementation of SDI (focus of our grant)
Jennifer Coffey http://www.signetwork.org/content_page_assets/content_page_3/Iowa%20SPDG%20Spotlight%20-%20January%202019.pdf
Jennifer Coffey https://www.neisd.net/cms/lib/TX02215002/Centricity/Domain/7376/A%20Principals%20Guide%20to%20Supporting%20Instructional%20Coaching%20Educational%20Leadership.pdf">https://www.neisd.net/cms/lib/TX02215002/Centricity/Domain/7376/A%20Principals%20Guide%20to%20Supporting%20Instructional%20Coaching%20Educational%20Leadership.pdf
Sue D. Actually---HERE is the article: https://blog.teachboost.com/showcasing-the-impact-of-instructional-coaching?utm_campaign=Blog&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=110320981&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-91suSrjdfnsUUfvGeIN9fAMzXNwHfqJ0uzrbZftsL4H_3iXXPq179zPLEgHRPKzLql5tfAL7G83TL6kBtNxrBzhYhHTQ&utm_content=11032098
Sue D. One of our areas of focus for SDI (Iowa) has a preschool SDI component.
Stacy Riccio I agree 100%
Sue D. Coaching was part of the SPDG application from the git go.
Pam Alfaro This is something we are realizing as we are continuing with the SPDG work
Janice Creneti Figured out as we've moved along that districts, schools could use guidance about what coaching really is...
Cheryl Huffman Built into our 2017 SPDG application (realized was lacking in our previous SPDG.
Janice Creneti Agreed
Stacy Riccio yes!
Sue D. Agree
Lucinda Kelley yes
Laura Marsden Yes, the article was well organized in do-able pieces
Vicki Griffo CALI is moving towards more admin support in addition to our teacher PD and coaching.
Cheryl Huffman Cheryl Huffman, OK SPDG
Stacy Riccio Through the systems that support sustainability.
Janice Creneti We make an effort to model it in our work.
Earl Focht, ODE https://ohioleadership.org/
Stacy Riccio Thank you ;)
Kasey Monroe In the KS SPDG, cross-system teaming is a major component of forging partnerships between schools and community-based mental health providers, so efficacy and culture are essential to the work.
Vicki Griffo Jennifer, ILA has short, great overview videos about the Standards.
Sue D. SDI Coaches are involved in coaching individual teachers....as well as......working with collaborative learning communities (plc's) with implementation using coaching practices. (Iowa)
Vicki Griffo Let me see if I can find the Principal Standards one - will share link.
Sue D. Ditto, Janice----in Iowa. Coach attends with that same team as well.
Janice Creneti Yes, Sue!
Janice Creneti We've done some lesson study work here in Florida, it is very impactful. It can model what a functional PLC looks like...
Stacy Riccio We connect with CCSSO Formative Assessment Dimensions with self and peer feedback using evidence to drive instruction.
Laura Marsden I think it would be helpful
Sue D. Either or both would be good!
MO-Thea Scott Yes, that would be great.
Vicki Griffo Lesson study is time consuming. Because we did this through the UC Berkeley, I think many teachers were excited about the affiliation and diving into the research with resident experts.
Vicki Griffo ILA Standards 2017 for Principals: https://youtu.be/54nXh8_VNT8
Janice Creneti Agreed Vicki, it is time consuming, especially initially.
Vicki Griffo A link on their website to other videos: https://literacyworldwide.org/get-resources/standards/standards-2017
Janice Creneti Agreed it helps to address both. Lesson study is a great example of how small group coaching can be very effective. We realized when we started our District Capacity Coaching efforts that we needed to really beef up the systems coaching piece as looking at district infrastructure is part of what we ask of them...
Vicki Griffo A very challenge in CA is getting Principals to devote time to this. They are so busy and pulled in many directions - so they are typically not involved to the depth described in this article. They seem to default to the coach to lead and drop in and out of meetings and trainings.
Vicki Griffo Laura - that is a great idea!
kim.watchorn It seems like our principals work extremely closely with their instructional coaches. The level of collaboration is very high. We see principals respecting & needing their coaches. (To be systems coaches as well as ICs)
Jennifer Coffey "Taking the Lead" Joellen Killion
Janice Creneti That's amazing, Kim!
Stacy Riccio Sounds fantastic! Thank you!
kim.watchorn I like the musical feedback!!
kim.watchorn Thanks! It’s great to be implementing actively in a district. FYI: Im
kim.watchorn I’m the MTSS Coordinator in Thompson School District (Loveland, CO).
kim.watchorn Here’s the vide page that includes the video I mentioned. Right now, the Adult Learning video is at the bottom of this page. ILA Standards 2017 for Principals: https://youtu.be/54nXh8_VNT8
earlier… here’s the video page link...
kim.watchorn TSD MTSS Videos: https://www.thompsonschools.org/Page/21885
Vicki Griffo Quick question: Are any of you presenting at CEC?
Vicki Griffo Thank you Jennifer! Great session.
Kristen Brown Thank you!
Stacy Riccio Thank you everyone!
Sue D. Thanks for the great conversation today!
Young, Annette Thank you!
Stacy Riccio It was awesome! He is doing great!
Laura Marsden Thank you!
Janice Creneti Thanks, all!
Sydnee Seager thanks