Coaching Community of Practice
March 9, 2020 Chat Transcript

Annette Young, MT SSIP Implementation Specialist

Laura Marsden, NC Department of Public Instruction

Marty Erskine, NCDPI

Janice Creneti: After participating in 2 years of professional development and coaching, 80% of teachers will implement the Strategic Instruction model at a fidelity rate of 80% or higher

Cheryl Huffman: OK SPDG-60% of Rising School teachers provided PD and coaching in literacy for at least 2 years will be using evidence-based literacy practices in their classrooms.

Beth Newberry Gurney: Kentucky—After two years of training and coaching, 80% of students with disabilities in the school will spend 80%+ of the school day in the general education classroom.

Sue Daker: IA initial goal: 65% of coaches will use strand-specific protocols or tools at the routine or sustained levels as measured by the SDI Framework Coaches Self-Assessment. The percent at routine or sustained levels will increase 10 points for each additional year of grant participation.

Carol Moffitt, North Carolina

Annette Young: I really liked the dispositions idea. We rely heavily on dispositions in our pre-service programs. If I don't want someone coming into the profession with weak dispositions, I surely don't want someone coaching educators for improvement who themselves have weak dispositions.

Carol Moffitt: I would like for us to see improvement in student outcomes.

Stacy Riccio: I would like to have more of an impact across the state at the district level to have them see value in coaching as a system of support for job embedded professional learning.

Sue Daker: AGREE.....Stacy!

Annette Young: Excellent discussion today! Thank you!

Stacy Riccio: This was great! Thank you everyone!

Jennifer Eklund-Smith: Thank you

Stacy Riccio: Thank you Jennifer!

Beth Newberry Gurney: Thank you!