Coaching Community of Practice: Capacity Coaching

Laura Marsden: I’m not sure I am on that mailing list. Laura Marsden, North Carolina,

Kim Watchorn: Hi, Kim Watchorn, formerly of CO SPDG. I'm currently the district-wide MTSS Coordinator in the Thompson School District in Loveland, CO. (I had some tech issues at the start, so sorry I missed the beginning.) Thanks!

Jennifer.Coffey: Hi Laura. Thanks for letting me know and we'll take care of it today.

Len Hatfield to Laura Marsden (Privately): Hi, Laura--I've just added you to the SIGNetwork website and the Coaching Community of Practice group there. I'm sending you the login info separately. Please log in when you can, explore our site, and update your profile. Thanks!

Laura Marsden to Len Hatfield (Privately): Thank you!

Kim Watchorn: I’ve initiated a Systems Coaching/district MTSS Coaching CoP this year. It’s for district personnel who serve in a role related to systems coaching approaches. I held a handful of sessions in the fall, and I need to frame when/how this spring. I use Zoom. Duration is (max) 90 mins. Small attendance so far. Seeking more attendees, still. I’ve said I’ve managed & framed the “Shared Learning” portions so far, and I’ll be asking for others to participation in Shared Learning going forward. I would say this CoP serves as the model for what I’m doing. (Google as the resource repository of ongoing meeting events.)

regina: In Virginia we have a Systems Coaching Institute and we have them participate on site - we have a 101 and 102 - essentially 7 days total. Knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a systems coach for a district

Kim Watchorn: When I was at the State Level, we also had monthly “Office Hours”, which served as a CoP or PLC, of sorts.

Laura Marsden: We have a Regional Coach team that supports regional NCSIP work specific to Reading Research to Classroom Practice and Foundations of Math course work. We provide Coaching Basics PD to support building a common and shared understanding of coaching. To support the transfer and the support for follow-up we provide TA to district coaches and hope to build a regional PLC for coaches, but this has not yet been developed. This is in process.

Kim Watchorn: I think a consistent structure is helpful…for predictability. (At the state, we had a cadre of Implementation Consultants…) I still think of Systems Coaching as building Core TA Skills of: Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, & Reframing.

Kim Watchorn: I like the Twitter feeds from states (e.g., NC)…good ongoing touch points and connections. So, thanks!

Jennifer.Coffey: The Coaching CoP typically meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 2:00 ET.

Kim Watchorn: Thanks