Chat window entries

Kris: Kris Herakovich-Curtis, Virginia Systems Coach with Virginia commonwealth University

Jennifer.Coffey: Jennifer Coffey, OSEP, SPDG Program Lead

wellwellman.87: Hi everyone, this is Meredith Wellman, from the Ohio SPDG project, I work at the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at The Ohio State University

Karen Harrison: Karen Harrison, Executive Director - STEP, Inc. TN PTI and SPDG Family Partner -

Carmen Sanchez: Welcome everyone! Carmen Sanchez, OSEP Parent Program Lead

Kimm Phillips: Hi all- Kimm Phillips, NH Parent Information Center

Len Hatfield To wellwellman.87(privately): I'll post these docs on the Family CoP page of the SIGNetwork website.

wellwellman.87 To Len Hatfield(privately): Thanks!

Kim Watchorn: Iā€™m Kim Watchorn, former SPDG MTSS Implementation Specialist at CO dept. of ed; now, district MTSS Coordinator (Thompson School District, Loveland, CO).

Kris: can they please explain the difference between the three categories? Demonstration sites, etc. The three levels šŸ˜Š

wellwellman.87: How many districts or schools participated?

Karen Harrison: Will the Family Engagement Quality Indicators and tools you described be on the SIGnetwork?

Len Hatfield: yes!

wellwellman.87: They are

wellwellman.87: Thank you for sharing your measurement tool and process!

wellwellman.87: Have you collaborated with your NC statewide family engagement center on this work at all yet?

wellwellman.87: oh, maybe its in SC

wellwellman.87: nevermind

wellwellman.87: :) it's SC

Karen Harrison: Awesome information. Thank you.

wellwellman.87: I wonder how the Beyond the Bakesale content aligns with the new resources.

Kris : thank you!!