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Community of Practice: Family Engagement

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2020 Meetings

June 2020

Tips of the Trade: Family Engagement Work during School,Closures and Social Distancing
Faciltators: Deb Chiodo, ASK Resource Center; Carmen Sanchez, OSEP
Event recording

January 2020

Working with LEAs: Defining Family Engagement and Core Beliefs This webinar will focus on the partnership between the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (PTI) and the NC Department of Public Instruction; highlighting examples of collaborative strategies that support LEA’s / Schools in achieving meaningful Family Engagement.
Presenters: Ginger Starling and Melanie Sharpe, North Carolina DPI
Beverly Roberts, ECAC of North Carolina
Event recording
Slide presentation
Chat window entries
Core Beliefs Handout
NCSIP Family Engagement Quality Indicators

2019 Meetings

September 2019

Making Sense and Moving Forward using the School, Family, and Community Partnerships Model: Examples from Ohio
Barbara Boone is the Principal Investigator and Director of the federally funded Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at The Ohio State University. In this role, Barbara leads a team conducting family engagement initiatives creating professional development, tools, and processes for families, school personnel, and organizations. Her work with Ohio’s SPDG began with coordinating and implementing the Parent – Teacher Partnerships model. More recently, Barbara and her colleagues have created Partnerships for Literacy which they are piloting in 16 Ohio districts. A New Jersey native, Barbara is an avid hiker and beekeeper. You can find her on Twitter at @boonebbuzz, or, follow the family engagement center at @OhioEngage.

Event Recording
Presentation slides
Webinar chat transcript

July 2019

Statewide Family Engagement Centers
Presentations from three newly funded Statewide Family Engagement Centers in Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. What are they planning to increase family engagement in these states, and how can that inform the SPDG work?
Sharman Davis Barrett, Rose Quintero, Marilyn Favreau, Dannielle Hardin, Ann Smith, and John Flanders.
Event Recording
Shannon Davis Barrett, Project Director, and Rose Quintero
Minnesota SFEC Presentation
Marilyn Favreau, MASFEC Director, and Danielle Hardin
Massachusetts SFEC Presentation
Ann Smith, AFCAMP Director, and John Flanders, CPAC Executive Director
Connecticut AFCAMP/CPAC Presentation

June 2019

Families as Faculty

Event Recording
Laura Arrington, Family and Youth Education Coordinator, Starbridge
Naomi Sandweiss, Executive Director, Parents Reaching Out
Cristina Santamaría-Graff, Assistant Professor, Special Education at IUPUI, IN*SOURCE Board Member;
Joel Boehner, Executive Director, IN*SOURCE

May 2019

Karen Harrison, TN Support and Training for Exceptional Parents (STEP) shared the STEP FAST Initiative and related documents. Deb Chiodo, IA Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) shared the Goals Together for Partnership (GTP) project.
Debra Jennings, Center for Parent Information & Resources shared their survey item bank.

Event Recording
Families And Schools Together (FAST) Interest Inventory Template (doc)
Families And Schools Together (FAST)  School-Specific Planning Meeting Template (doc)
Families And Schools Together (FAST) – Touch Point with Families (pdf)
Families And Schools Together (FAST) Initiative Intro Email (doc)
Families And Schools Together (FAST) Touch Points with Families Grid (doc)
Survey Item Bank link (

April 2019

Many of us are familiar with SEDL’s Dual Capacity Building Framework. This webinar provides concrete examples and tools you can use to implement the framework to encourage schools, districts and communities to support their family engagement strategies. Then take it a step further by learning how to help schools consider what culturally responsive practices need to be included when working with a diverse community.
Event Recording
Dual Capacity Framework (pdf)
Mapping Activity (pdf)
Dual Capactity Activity (pdf)

March 2019

Carmen Sanchez leads the group in a review of the logic model and the plan for the revised Community of Practice.
Event Recording
Working Plan for the Family Engagement CoP


2017 Resources

Here is an excellent webinar on System’s change used in an Early Childhood model:

Family engagement in PBIS Tier I and II rubrics for PBIS teams developed by Ohio’s PBIS Family Engagement Work Group.

The Aligning and Integrating Family Engagement in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) document:

School Wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory: