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Communities of Practice: MTSS

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2022 Meetings


What structures can state-level teams put into place in order to effectively provide collaborative services to schools/districts? Presenter: Kristen Perez-Rickels Facilitator: Jennifer Coffey Event Recording…

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Facilitator: Caryn Ward Purpose: Participants learn from each other about strategies that respond to a changing context. Participants learn of appropriate uses of the root…

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MTSS Community of Practice

The Role of Families in a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Presenter: Carole Carr Facilitator: Jennifer Coffey A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) offers an…

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12-09-2021 MTSS CoP

Topic: Integrated MTSS frameworks: Supporting students’ social, emotional, behavioral, & academic growth Date: 12/09/2021, 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET Presenter: Brandi Simonsen Facilitator: Jennifer Coffey Description:…

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2021 Meetings

December 2021

Integrated MTSS frameworks: Supporting students’ social, emotional, behavioral, & academic growth
Brandi Simonsen
Event Resources

March 2021

MTSS for All: Including Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
Gail Ghere, Ph.D. & Jessica Bowman, Ph.D., TIES Center, Minnesota
Event recording
Slide presentation
MTSS for All:
Using the Least Dangerous Assumption in Educational Decisions
(an NCOE and TIES Joint Publication)

February 2021

Measures for a Multi-tiered System Aimed at Continuous Improvement
Jennifer Coffey, OSEP
Carolyn Ward, OSEP
Event recording
Discussion Transcript

2020 Meetings

December 2020

The RESET (Recognizing Effective Special Education Teachers) Observation Rubrics
Evelyn Johnson, Boise State University
Kailey Bunch-Woodson, Boise State University
Event recording
Presentation slides

August 2020

Student-level MTSS: Evidence-based Culturally Diverse Practices Using CEEDAR’s
Course Enhancement Module

Alexandria Harvey, CEEDAR
Erica McCray, CEEDAR
Event recording
Presentation slides

June 2020

Blending and Braiding Funds to Support MTSS Implementation
Jana Rosborough, NCIS
Sara Doutre, NCIS
Event Recording
Presentation slides

April 2020

Common Processes to Inform Intensive Literacy Instruction: An Iowa SPDG Case Study
Kathy Bertsch, Iowa Department of Education
Event Recording
Presentation slides
Conversation texts

February 2020

Intensive Intervention within MTSS
Teri Marx, National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII)
Event Recording
Presentation slides
Conversation texts

2019 Meetings

December 2019

MTSS CoP Kick-Off Meeting
Jennifer Coffey and Tara Courchaine
Surveying the Field: Current Challenges and Opportunities Implementing MTSS
Event Recording
Presentation slides
Conversation texts

June 2019

Teacher Shortages in Maine
Roy Fowler, Maine Dept of Education
Event Recording

January 2019

Aligned SSIP/SPDG Reporting
Brent Garrett
Event Recording
Presentation Slides

2018 Meetings

May 2018

Event Recording

February 2018

Event Recording