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Common Core

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Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Website Resources. CCSSO developed this list of tools and resources to point states to promising practices and tools to support Common Core State Standards implementation. This document primarily lists resources developed by CCSSO and the lead writers of the standards and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all resources available. 

In August 2013, CCSSO launched an iTunes University page that includes courses designed to help states and districts implement the Common Core. iTunes U is a section of the iTunes Store where users can download free educational course content from universities, non-profit education institutions, state education agencies, and K-12 organizations. CCSSO will continue to provide content in an effort to ensure that information, instructional materials, and resources in support of the Common Core State Standards are available and easily accessible.  In addition to CCSSO’s iTunes U courses, Student Achievement Partners (SAP) has developed several iTunes U courses intended to assist educators in developing a strong understanding of the Common Core and the shifts the standards require to prepare students for college and careers. This content is accessible via iTunes: to access CCSSO’s content click here and to access SAP’s content click here. For more information contact Shannon Glynn at

IDEA Partnership Common Core Collection The Common Core Collection includes Glossary, Resource Lists, a Ready-to-Use Workshop with Presenter Guides and much more. The IDEA Partnership’s Charge is to think about the Common Core Standards from stakeholder perspectives at all knowledge levels, to look at things differently, and to speak to practical application by taking the ideas and making them tangible to those in the field. Their Goal is to provide you with access to a comprehensive collection of materials and resources to assist you in furthering understanding of the common core. We hope this collection complements your current work, and we encourage you to share it with your colleagues and peers.

Partnership Collections (PPTX). This presentation provides an introduction of the resources included in the Partnership Collection. The PowerPoint presentation can be viewed as a slideshow with audio playing in the background.

SESSION RECORDING: Common Core Collection This is an Adobe Connect Webinar Recording from the SPDG Leadership and IHE Collaboration IHE Webinar delivered by Joanne Cashman, Patrice Linehan, and Sharon Schultz of the IDEA Partnership.

Promoting the Common Core through Stakeholder Developed Tools (PPT, J. Cashman, S. Schultz, IDEA Partnership)

Khan Academy Common Core Site. This is a link to the Khan Academy Common Core site, which provides aligned instructional materials including formative assessments aligned to the common core content standards. The Common Core site has been extensively developed in mathematics and is scheduled for completion in summer of 2014.   To view and download Khan Academy's site's 1-page flyer for teachers and parents click here.

Evaluation Resources

A Primer on Common Core-Aligned Assessments. 2015. Developed by Education First.  The primer includes the most up-to-date information about assessment content, use, purpose and quality, and can be a useful resource for state policymakers, advocates and educators alike as they transition to new Common Core-aligned assessment systems.

Classroom Formative Assessment Resources

Heritage, M., & Popham, W. J. (2013). Formative assessment in practice: A process of inquiry and action. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.


SPDG PLC Webinars and Related Resources

Webinar Recording: Kick-Off Common Core PLC Webinar spotlighting Maine & Arkansas (September 20, 2013)

Publications and Articles

Lessons Learned About Instruction from Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in College and Career Ready Assessments. January 2016. The new large-scale assessments rolled out by consortia and states are designed to measure student achievement of rigorous college- and career-ready (CCR) standards. Recent surveys of teachers in several states indicate that students with disabilities like many features of the new assessments, but that there also are challenges. Many of these challenges are related to instructional issues that need to be addressed to improve student outcomes.
       This Brief was prepared to provide information and suggestions for state education agencies (SEAs) and other technical assistance (TA) providers who work with local education agencies (LEAs).It highlights four main challenges identified by the teachers, and then addresses the implications for instruction, the relationship to CCR standards, and the implications for TA providers. A companion Brief on lessons learned about the implications for assessment from the inclusion of students with disabilities in CCR assessments is forthcoming.

Research-Based Option for Education Policymaking Brief: Common Core Standards. October 2012. William Mathis, University of Colorado, Boulder. National Education Policy Center. Introductory paragraph: "The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have ardent supporters and strong critics. The actual effect of the CCSS, however, will depend much less on the standards themselves than on how they are used. Two factors are particularly crucial. The first is whether states invest in the necessary curricular and instructional resources and supports, and the second concerns the nature and use of CCSS assessments developed by the two national testing consortia."

The Lost Art of Teaching Soundly Structured Lessons (Mike Schmoker, ED Week, June 04, 2013) can be accessed from that web site. We have copyright restrictions in re-posting those articles but perhaps by writing EdWeek we can get permission to post. 
IEP Resources

Math Resources
Arkansas Math Interventions Matrix