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Behavior Interventions & School Climate

2018 SPDG Behavior Interventions & School Climate Resources

Organizing Themes:

State Examples

Nebraska Positive Behaviorial Interventions Support

Florida PBIS Project

PBIS Maryland

Tools Chart

Behavioral Intervention Tools Chart

Intensive Behavior Supports

10 Modules on De-escalation from the KS SPDG:

Behavior Strategies to Support Intensifying Interventions
A resource from the National Center on Intensive Interventions.

How can behavioral support staff support and collaborate with general education teachers to address the needs of students with intensive behavioral needs?
In this video, Lucille Eber, E.D.., Statewide Coordinator of Illinois’ Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (EBD) Network, discusses how behavioral support staff can assist and collaborate with general education teachers to support students with intensive behavioral needs.

What is the status of the research and literature base on intensive behavioral interventions?
In this video, Dr. Joe Wehby, Senior Advisor to the National Center for Intensive Intervention and Associate Professor in the Vanderbilt University Department of Special Education, addresses this question around research on intensive behavioral interventions.

Early Childhood Behavior

Early Childhood Behavior Management
This IRIS Case Study includes information on how to create developmentally and culturally appropriate classroom rules and how to effectively teach them. It also explores how to encourage appropriate behavior, address challenging behavior, and partner with families to address behavioral issues.

Behavioral Progress Monitoring Tools Chart
This tools chart presents information about behavioral progress monitoring tools. The four tabs, Psychometric Standards, Progress Monitoring Standards, Data-based Individualization Standards, and Usability include ratings fon the technical rigor of the tool.