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Name:  Arizona Department of Education
PR Award #:  H323A150007
City, State:  Phoenix, AZ
Project Director:  Oran Tkatchov
Project Director email:

To close the identified gap in reading achievement for students with specific learning disabilities and their nondisabled peers in grades 4-8, Arizona submits this proposal for a State Personnel Development Grant.  The plan aligns with Arizona’s State Systemic Improvement Plan and State Identified Measurable Result.  It establishes sustainable systems change at the State and local levels to support this effort by:  (1) Creating a comprehensive online professional development program with statewide availability and State-level support; and (2) Developing a sustainable State-level collaboration to provide professional development and technical assistance for districts with a need to increase reading achievement for students with specific learning disabilities in grades 4-8.

Modules will cover closing the gap in adolescent literacy and will be piloted with selected districts.  School personnel, including district/building leadership teams, school staff, instructional coaches, and parents will receive in-person training and coaching.  Progression of training will follow Implementation Science.  The evaluation plan will measure the effectiveness of the project’s activities.  Goals 1-4 will be measured by process measures (completion of trainings, technical assistance, personnel development plans, materials), short-term outcomes (increased knowledge), intermediate outcomes (increased skills, increased parent involvement), and long-term outcomes (students realizing improved achievement, students having greater access to the curriculum).  The Office of Special Education Programs Program Performance Measures will be reported annually.