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2023 Virtual National Meeting: A New Perspective

SPDG Virtual National Meeting

Currently, it can be incredibly hard to get the attention of practitioners, families, and leaders. Once you have their attention, is your training and coaching maximized; is it having the desired impact? Are you improving fidelity and outcomes?

The conference will help you push boundaries, break barriers, and improve results for children with disabilities by giving you “A New Perspective”.

What can I do to prepare?

  • Start reading Made to StickYou can use grant funds to purchase it, if you don’t already own it.
  • Start developing an elevator speech for one of your hardest-to-reach audiences. Guidance on developing an elevator speech can be found by going to the Heath Brothers’ resources page, signing up for free resources, then scrolling down to Made to Stick and choosing “6 Tips to Giving a Great Elevator Pitch.”
  • Consider your SPDGs’ successes, innovative activities, challenges, and bright spots (this Heath Brothers’ video explains how to find and the importance of bright spots). What would you like to share with your fellow SPDG projects?
  • Call for Proposals is open now! Please contact with any questions about submitting a proposal. All questions are welcome!
  • Invite others. Consider universities in your State, family engagement partners, regional and local education agenciesearly intervention programs, libraries, and other community partners. Who else would benefit by attending this conference with you? We will have team time to help you apply the learning to your SPDG. Could they be part of this team time?